Friday, November 19, 2010


It's a DMV "STAKE-OUT"!!!! And the countdown is on ..."Rise and Grind"!!! I literally did quite a few hours early this morning, all in an effort to prepare my body for tomorrow's H&M stake-out for the debut of Lanvin for H&M! Some of you might ask, what might possess one to rise in the wee hours of the morning, for fashion? My question to you, is not do you know the story behind Lanvin and designer, Alber Elbaz, but have you seen the collection?!!!!

If you tuned into this week's Bag Ladies Reality Radio, LIVE on-air "Passion For Fashion" featuring Celebrity Stylist & Fashion Designer, June Ambrose, then you heard our latest fashion and beauty prescription delivered by "The Style And Beauty Doctor". We discussed tomorrow's debut and our plans to ensure that we lock our spot on the curb the wee hours, and are admitted into the store upon opening at 8a, and popping Lanvin for H&M tags, upon exiting!!! And heads up, Bag Ladies will lock a spot on the curb at 3:30am in front of the H&M F Street location in Washington, DC, unless we hit the snooze button one too many times. If so, it will be 4am.

Let's talk about how to maximize your Lanvin for H&M shopping experience!!! So for those of you planning a stake-out as are we here in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia), here are some shopping tips pulled from a Black Friday article on

1. Make a list - Review the collection and take your pick. As much as I'd love to walk out with the entire collection in hand, it ain't happening. If it was like that, do you think I'd be up waiting on a cold, dusty sidewalk for the debut? Know what you want so that you know what to grab in store and can make a mad dash to the register. This also prevents overspending.

2. Prioritize - What are your absolute "must-have's" from the collection? I've selected mine but I ain't telling ya'll!! But know that there is no guarantee that you will get everything you want. Note: we aren't the only ones awaiting this debut and as we discussed on this week's show, folks take it personally when it comes to fashion. You will be surrounded by those shopping the collection the same as you, who are willing to fight to the death for a particular style!

3. Be realistic - Review H&M's, "How To Shop Lanvin For H&M" ...enough said. Note phrases and words like "HIGH DEMAND", "QUEUING SYSTEM", "20 AT A TIME".

4. Take a shopping buddy - This could be beneficial perhaps if you drag someone along who has absolutely no interest in fashion. Otherwise, that friend could easily turn to "foe" when challenged with grabbing that one remaining "must-have". Envision eyes rolling, terror music playing in the background and an extreme stare-down as the both of you wonder who will make the first move. Flying solo might be the better option.

5. Leave the kids at home - I think you can figure this out for yourselves. Spare yourself and surrounding shoppers, the agony.

6. Research prices ahead of time - Click here to find prices for each style in the collection. Know your budget and what you can afford because the time spent calculating while in store can be advantageous to another "fashionista". While you're adding and subtracting in your head and counting numbers on your hand, she's grabbing. Know how much money you got and how much you can spend. It's simple!

7. Wear layers - You recall my previous mention regarding cold, dusty sidewalks? Well, that's likely where you'll be standing, awaiting the opening of your selected H&M store (find your store). We are heeding the advice of June Ambrose. Layer it up!!!! Tis the season so although not for all but for alot of us, there will be a chill in the air. My theory is I'd like to be comfy while I wait. As it warms up for some, you can peel the layers off. But for me, I will wear a bodysuit or something underneath those layers so although H&M is normally true to size for me, if I have to try on something with the "quickness", I can drop those layers to the floor which I absolutely will do for this collection. "Watch out there now!" Side Note: if looking for more on the actual fit and size range of the collection as well as the concept, check out footage of our girl Wendy from Nitrolicious (a fave) as she played around in the H&M showroom.

8. Bring snacks and water - "Pack plenty of snacks and water so that you have something to eat and drink while you wait in line or drive between stops. Waiting too long to eat because you're afraid you'll miss a great deal will affect your mood and energy level, so don't do it!" I absolutely agree ...let's face it, we are all likely gonna be a lil moody and irritated. We all would rather be in bed on a Saturday morning instead of keeping each other company in the wee hours. Make the best of it by having your supplies at the ready!

9. Set your expectations
- Not to dampen your excitement but don't expect to get everything you want. This collection is historical! Some items might sell out, your size may not be available. Who knows? I'm already damn near on the verge of having an anxiety attack because that's how anxious I am and how bad I want something, anything from this collection!!

10. Be friendly - A smile and a hello goes a long way. Make friends with the staff and shoppers around you. Don't be afraid to reveal your size. Perhaps that very shopper or salesperson that you took the time to say hello to, might be more inclined to say, "hey" should they come across a style in your size. Let's support one another in our efforts. You'd be surprised, it works!

Bonus Tip - Put comfort first! The stake-out is not at all about looking your best, it's about maintaining comfort. You can focus efforts on looking your best when first stepping out in that Lanvin for H&M style. But for the sake of the stake-out, it's all about maintaining comfort. Oh, and being hands-free, so that you can shop quickly and effectively.

It's a strategy, PLAN YOURS!!

Tweet with us @bagladies for more details regarding our DMV "stake-out". And details will be posted to our fb page too. We'll see you on the curb. Just look for the group of ladies shivering with a deadly look of WTH am I doing out here!!! We look forward to meeting you!

-- Lady Erin

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