Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I had the pleasure of dishing yet again about that which I've learned thus far along my journey as both a Blogger and Producer/Host of The social media landscape is ever-expanding and talking about it is something I love to do. Even moreso when you have an event that provides a great platform and other fabulous Bloggers and Vloggers to accompany you. Thus this year's 2nd edition Naturalista Hair Show. Upon being asked to participate, I was all in. Last year was great. Not only did I get to dish but I also had the pleasure of putting faces with the names of Bloggers that I admire and had connected with via social media but had never actually met. And I swooned over natural hair styles. And got my shop on too. This year was no different. The "Beauty and The Blog" panel featured myself and Yolanda Renee of, Jonna Scott-Blakes of and Anissa LiMara of And was moderated by Christine Louis of I had the pleasure of speaking alongside Yolanda and Jonna before (click here), and we picked up right where we left off. 
Pictured with Jonna and Annisa after our panel
My view from the stage
Pictured with one of the attendees
After panel antics with Diana Ramsey of She made me do it!
The questions were great. And there is nothing more humbling than sitting a'front an audience who is engaged and hanging on every word that you have to say. I was flattered to have been asked some awesome questions and even more flattered after the event by the many compliments regarding both what I said and what I wore. Hold fast for details. And that's not even all. The hair!!!!! The lovely ladies in attendance rocking eau natural were just gorgeous. This year's Naturalista Hair Show included not only panels but hands on workshops so that you could actually try your hand at different natural styles. There was also a marketplace of fab vendors. I paid a visit to a dear friend, Terry Williams, owner of Shea Butter Like Whoa. And there was also a pop-up salon of which my own stylist participated. And guess what ? For the second year in a row, my stylist Salih Watts, Owner and Master Loctician of won the award for "Best Loctician in the DMV!!!"
My Stylist, Salih Watts pictured with his lovely models Kim and Stacey after being awarded
I had to cop some butta 
Me and the fabulous "Lady Kim" wrap maxi I had the pleasure of rocking 
I have to extend a special thanks to Hannah Monet. The lovely ladies behind this online boutique extended me an invitation to showcase one of their fabulous pieces, a wrap maxi named "Lady Kim" and the response was awesome. Per an IG post, it is effortless, comfortable, chic and sexy and was the perfect choice because I had an earlier commitment and literally did a 10 second quick change and makeup touch up before making my way to the event and didn't miss a beat in this gorgeous frock. I can't wait to share more about Hannah Monet. Be sure to follow them on IG @shophannahmonet and visit the online boutique at
My VIP Swag Box
Founder of The Naturalista Hair Show and Owner of N Natural Hair Studio, Angela Walker outdid herself by not only adding more elements including a fashion show but this year's event was extended to two days! As good as 2014 was, I can only imagine what has yet to come for next year's 2015 edition. How will she add to the "epicness?" I can't wait. Can you?

What natural hair events have you attended?
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