Friday, August 8, 2014


If you stay even the slightest bit engaged via social media, you know online boutiques crop up literally every second. Everybody is now selling sumpin. You no doubt have seen the Instagram streams of pieces upon pieces on sale for next to nothing. I recently had the pleasure of meeting the ladies behind Upon visiting their booth at the twice-monthly Fashionista Flea Market based in Bowie, MD, I immediately noticed that they were very nice and that they also had a great selection of apparel styles from skirts and dresses to tops and jumpers. And if you know two things about me, you know that I love fashion and I love beauty. Oh and one more, I love to "dish" aka, talk fashion and beauty. So here's the scoop on after dishing with founders and friends, Hannah Sullivan and Kiara Mon'et.



HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THE CONCEPT OF HANNAHMONET.COM: We've always had a love for fashion and knew we wanted to do something in the industry. Starting our online boutique, is only the beginning.

THERE ARE SO MANY ONLINE BOUTIQUES, HOW DO YOU DISTINGUISH YOURSELVES FROM ALL THE REST: We hand-select our items and we are very particular about offering our clients quality product. We work with independent designers who understand our mission to delivery quality so even if it means holding up an order to ensure that the product is right, we will do that.

WHO ARE YOUR CLIENTS: We don't cater to any one type or size woman. We cater to women of all shapes and sizes. From small and petite to curvy and chic. 

DO YOU WANT TO ONE DAY OPEN A STAND-ALONE STORE: We don't want to get to far ahead of ourselves. We want to keep the brand personal. We want our clients to be able to reach us. We don't want to become too big too fast but we definitely would like to continue to grow and expand and one day have our own not just one store but multiple stores.

WHAT'S NEXT FOR HANNAH MONET: We are traveling and meeting with designers in preparation for our 2014 fall collection launch. We also have an event coming up in October to celebrate our brand and raise awareness. 

The Print Wrap Maxi
After My Blogger Panel
These ladies are making moves. And I can speak first-hand to the quality of product. The ladies of extended me an invitation to wear one of their pieces for last weekend's Naturalista Hair Show of which I spoke on a Blogger panel. Interestingly enough, I selected two pieces, a top and bottom but the ladies also brought a wrap maxi dress which upon seeing it, I LOVED the print but I thought it might perhaps be a bit too long and swallow my 5' 1/2" frame. But I gave it a go and I was hooked! It was terribly flattering and totally effortless which ended up being a win because I had a teeny tiny window the day of the event to change and touch up my makeup. I paired the dress with a few accessories and JustFab wedges and no one was any the wiser of how little time I had to prep. It's a must-have piece that is sexy yet comfortable and just wears well and feels great on. I'm anxiously awaiting more styles like this in different prints and more. 

You catch up with the ladies of and see what they have to offer for yourself, at this weekend's Boulevard of Chic Fashion Truck Rally which takes place Saturday, August 9th from 12-7p at Rash Field at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD. If a Shopaholic like me, you don't want to miss this event. I might see you there! Be sure to follow Hannah Monet on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest @shophannahmonet and shop online at

What are some of your fave online boutiques?

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