Monday, August 25, 2014


Who knew? I thought I was tuning into the 2014 Video Music Awards, only to realize that I wasn't "sadly" but "pleasantly" mistaken to learn that I was actually tuned into the Beyonce' show, Yonce' show, Hey Mrs. Carter show, BeyHive show. However you refer to the #1 consummate living performer, she shut it all the way down. As I tweeted, if I wasn't bowing down before, I am now. I struggled throughout the entirety of the show to stay awake for Bey's performance. With the exception of a couple of performances, I wasn't overly impressed and as much as I wanted to call it a night, I endured. And then of course once Beyonce' shut it down, I was amped and couldn't go to sleep. I mean did you see it? Who could sleep after that? I couldn't If you didn't wanna stand to your feet and mimic her choreography, you surely wanted to get your sang on like we all do when in the shower and we think no one is within ear shot. Or maybe that's just me. And lets not forget the sexy gyrations which if single like me, left you feeling some kinda way because there are no "booty call" options (at the moment). I mean gracious and let's not forget that bejeweled Tom Ford bodysuit that gave me all my life. The heck of a smooch with Hubby Hov ...Those lips. And Blue Ivy!!! *Drops mic* ...Wait, Yonce' did that.
Red Carpet Ready
Need I say more?
What'd you think of Beyonce's finale? Was she worth the wait?
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