Thursday, August 7, 2014


So there's no denying that I'm a beauty junkie. I was reminded of just how much I am upon being selected by Cocotique to be featured for their Ultimate Beauty Arsenal Series. Cocotique, founded by Dana Hill is a deluxe beauty box subscription service specific to women of color which is great because while there are a lot of "beauty boxes", Cocotique is a particular fave because it meets my needs. Every month subscribers receive a box of lifestyle and beauty goodies curated just for them. And get this? You don't even have to leave the house. Your box of goodies arrives on your doorstep every month. How awesome is that? You get a monthly surprise delivered direct to you. There are various subscription options one of which allows you to cancel at anytime. 
Click here to learn how Cocotique works and how to subscribe.

I was flattered to have been both asked and featured in the Ultimate Beauty Arsenal Series amongst some fab ladies. As I was responding to questions about my beauty habits, fave beauty products and more, it reaffirmed how much I love product and using product and reviewing product and of course, shopping product.

Click here for my full feature. And you be the voice of reason please. Do you think I'm a beauty junkie? Are you an admitted junkie also? Ha! You didn't think I was gonna ask that huh? Thank you for reading. Oh, and the first step is acknowledgment. 

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