Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Having online influence has it's perks. A testament to that is my latest swag sent compliments of Klout featuring Completely Bare. A lineup of at-home hair removal products which includes Don't Grow There Body Moisturizer and Hair "Inhibitor", Wax Strips for face, bikini and body, Not Feeling It Spray for before and after and Bikini Bump Blaster. Now normally I turn to a professional for all my hair removal needs particularly for waxing. I have a resident Esthetician who is amazing. I've not ever done an at-home wax treatment but I'm willing to be a guinea pig for the sake of seeing how effective Completely Bare products are. If you've ever been waxed, you know it's not the most comfy so if you here a lone, random "OUCH", it's probably me.

Stay tuned for the "after."
Completely Bare is a spa founded by Hair Removal Expert, Cindy Barshop. measures and builds online influence.

Do you wax? If so, have you ever used an at home treatment?

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