Tuesday, July 29, 2014


What do you get when you mix good people, social media, live music ...Oh and whips?! A fabulously intimate and exclusive affair which is exactly how I would describe last week's General Motors Summer Series at Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA which featured a live Lionel Richie concert with guest, CeeLo Green.

I'm always down to mingle. Click here for tips from a previous post. And mingle I did amongst some of my fave Blogger buds like Julia Coney from All About the Pretty and Richeen Ariel from The District Insider
Unlike the above pic, Julia and I kept it tame.
We dined on cocktails and hors d'oevures while dishing all about the latest Cadillac models which included the 2015 Cadillac Escalade. A beast of a luxury utility vehicle and the next generation in the Escalade model. The design, craftsmanship, bells and whistles elevate this model to another level. Although I might've initially been a tad intimidated, as you can see I clearly got comfy with it and had fun exploring the spacious interior of one particular model in a beautiful candy apple red color. It's safe to say that I look forward to putting #heelstothewheels and getting to know the 2015 Cadillac Escalade better.
Plush Interior
That Escalade grille had a nice smile
I saved the "cookie."
And to think, the night didn't even end there. To top it off after gabbing it up with General Motors executives and representatives from the always especially accommodating MSLGroup, myself and the other attendees were escorted to our "orchestra" seats for the show. I had my Mom in tow which made the night that much more fun. One, she gained a whole new perspective into that which I do and she got to see one of her fave artists. I thought I knew all of Lionel Richie's songs. I didn't have anything on my Mom and to look over and see her on her feet, waving her hands in the air, was the best. This show was one of the best I've ever seen and mind you, I've seen Michael Jackson live. Lionel took it all the way back to the Commodores and hit everything from Brick House to Dancing on The Ceiling which my Mom almost was. For a split second, I felt really old knowing every song word for word until I realized that it was just my Parent's good taste in music. Mixing the nostalgia of good music with modern automotive luxury, can't be beat and when placed against the backdrop of the fabulous venue that is Wolf Trap ...And on that note. Be sure to visit WolfTrap.org for upcoming shows and if Lionel Richie is coming to your neck of the woods, take it from me, don't miss it.
Whoa-Whoa Zooooom!
Nail swagging on show tix 
Prep for the event featuring an Asos print bodycon dress and Forever21 Vest
Myself and the crowd were mostly on our feet the entire show
My Mom practically dancing on the ceiling 
My Mom and I
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What's your fave Lionel Richie song? Mine is surely Zoom ...

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