Monday, April 7, 2014


How many of you Mommies with school-aged little ones opt for a quick and easy breakfast in an effort to lessen the frenzy? As a Mommy of three myself, sticking to a routine is key but I always love to switch it up and give my kids something to look forward to at breakfast. They are much less grumpy if I can offer a tasty treat. One such treat are Eggo frozen waffles. Eggo waffles are quick, easy and offer a perfect portion. And right now, Eggo is running a contest with a wining of not two, not five but 10,000 dollars!! You can also win a year of Eggo waffles. I previously won a year of pancakes. Trust, it was great!

All you need do is get creative and submit your recipe for a chance to win. Click Not only can you enter but you can also view the gallery of other entries and get some fun recipe ideas too. Did you know Eggo waffles aren't just for breakfast? How about using to make a sandwich for a midday snack? The sky is the limit so grab the kids, get creative and submit your recipe for a chance at that 10,000 bucks (if I don't beat you to it :-). #EggoYourWay

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