Thursday, April 10, 2014


Whilst rummaging through a HUGE bag of product samples from previously aired "Beauty Talk" episodes which is my most popular live on-air segment, I found everything from brand spanking new MAC lipsticks to unopened perfume, cleansers, moisturizers and more! I was doing a bit of spring cleaning and found the bag just this week tucked under my bed. I mean I was swooning over some of this stuff and thinking how could I leave you??? 

Bag O' Goodies
I'm an undercover "beauty junkie." I don't boast about it because I'm not a make up artist or professional but I love beauty products and at one time, I was doing reviews both on and off-air regularly. But what was most nostalgic about happening upon these treasures, was an empty lipstick case battered, bruised and neglected from the debut of Lanvin for HM. I was immediately taken back to my friends and I camping out on the sidewalk overnight on a cold night might I add just for the sake of being able to snag and grab pieces from the collection. And yes, we did have to grab with the quickness because we by far were not the only ones on a mission. Are you a shopaholic too? I scored three lipsticks all of which I still have as per my arsenal and all of which I still wear. You can click HERE for the full post which chronicles my adventure (that it was), and my SCORE! It was major.
And just as an update to that post, that must-have dress, I still have not yet worn but it's mine foreva!!

All in the name of shopping ...I don't know that I would do that again but you only live once, right? To what extremes have you ever gone, in the name of shopping?
The "after." My hand was covered in swatches after sifting through my Bag O' Goodies
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