Friday, July 26, 2013

Bag Ladies Radio is the Official Social Media Partner to #Blogalicious5!!!

The cat's outta the bag! My lips no longer have to be sealed!! The word has "officially" dropped!!! It humbles me, pleases me and excites me to say that Bag Ladies Radio is the official social media partner to this year's #Blogalicious5.

Blogalicious is one of the largest annual social media conferences celebrating diversity in blogging. It's a 3-day conference (but we party hard too), focusing on any and all elements significant to building your brand and to put it simply "getting it." I've been attending for the last three years and am excited to be participating in this capacity. It's a total testament to that which I've learned from this very annual event. Myself and the #BagLadiesLIVE cast will be bringing the experience to you live from the ATL and further enhancing the experience in a way never before done and propelling the celebration that is the 5 year anniversary of Blogalicious. More to come surely!

And might I add, don't wait! To score your tix to the par-tay, the movement, the experience that is Blogalicious, get it:

Tune into Monday's "Power Hour" during which I will be joined live by the Curator of Blogalicious, Stacey Ferguson. Get details at

And for the full "official" announcement:

For #BagLadiesLIVE segments, showtimes and more, visit Click to follow me on IG and Twitter @ bagladies.
Catch up on the dish you missed by going to Scroll down to OnDemand and press play.