Friday, May 22, 2009

The therapy that is shopping ...

Whether it's a $14 dollar MAC lipstick or $700 Lanvin pumps, shopping can be an amazingly therapeutic cure-all just so long as you aren't overspending. Otherwise, the cure-all is temporary. But how is it that whether it be shopping online and upon clicking that last submit button to confirm your order or in a store and having the cashier hand you over your merchandise, that you just feel renewed. Your spirit is regained and there is a new-found pep in your step. And we all know there is nothing better than when you manage to obtain that must-have item be it shoes, or a piece of jewelry, a to-die-for handbag or some other item even it means restricting yourself for a couple of weeks in order to save to make that must-have purchase. There's nothing like a productive day of shopping and if you're like me, you tackle it solo. I don't require second opinions or anyone to validate my purchases. I have alot of experience when it comes to shopping so I'd like to consider myself fairly adept when it comes to determining perfect looks and great fits. There is nothing like the pleasure gained from walking out of a store knowing that the purchase made = a feeling of accomplishment so much so that you almost feel the need to light a cig even if you ain't a smoker.

Have you ever attempted to answer the question why more often than not, women tend to find the experience of shopping therapeutic while men tend to look at shopping as a chore? Per Suruchi Dumpawar from Sur's Pensieve, some of the reasons why shopping holds the level of appeal that it does amongst us Bag Ladies or Bag Shoppers:

"Shopping for women is like a put-outer; when women shop they just shut off the other things in their life including their worries, tensions and pressures. It’s a woman’s way of stress busting. Women will go shopping if they are feeling put down and after the escapade end up feeling much better."

"Shopping for women is an indulgence; it’s like treating themselves, and who in the world does not like treats? Women will go shopping, if they are feeling especially good and at the end of it feel even better. (So you see it works both ways ;))."

"Shopping for women is like a trail; It’s a treasure hunt of sorts, they go in search for something and in the process ending up buying a lot more than they had initially thought of, on impulse. (The hypermarkets bank on this and put tempting products on display.) The idea of exploring a shopping mall or a street is exciting for women. (I know I sound ridiculous!)."

"Shopping for women is a way of bonding with their friends; A gang of friends on a shopping escapade, women just love the idea, its one of their ways of having fun, I remember doing this a lot in the hostel, usually it used to be an all gals affair. Needless to mention that even if we were not shopping for ourselves and just accompanying people, we used to have a great time."

"Shopping for women is an ego booster; the fact that they make decisions and so many of them at one time gives them an immense ego-boost. Maybe this does not apply for women who do a fair share of decision-making in their lives. But for the less privileged ones, it certainly makes them feel that they are in control of at least something in their lives."

Now off to the mall with ya! Perhaps I'll see ya there ...

-- Lady Erin