Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our Providers BAG ...

Bag Ladies are definitely disappointed in our network, blogtalk and the technical difficulties that occurred yesterday and tarnished an otherwise great show. Thank you to all of those who tuned in and stuck it out. We have great shows to follow but it was such a pleasure chatting with Kelley Styring about what the style of a woman's purse and the contents of it says about her and how companies took that which she was able to obtain per her study and implement strategies to better target us as consumers. When you consider all that you carry around in your own handbag, it was hilarious listening to Kelley's stories about that which she came across to include weapons, sex toys and more!! And how she maintained her composure is just unbelievable. How many of you would give anything to be a fly on the wall? Kelley was great and Bag Ladies definitely looks forward to having her on again to discuss the release of her upcoming book, In Your Car which is all about in Kelley's words, the junk in your trunk. I am cracking up even as I type this. But In Your Car takes the same concept/study of In Your Purse but it speaks to that which we haul around in our vehicles and what it all means. So Bag Ladies can't wait for the release of that and what her findings yield. I will say that one thing that this Bag Lady walked away with post-show is a ton of motivation to finally clean out my Marc Jacobs hobo which for those of you that tuned in, no doubt know that a hobo being the bottomless, pocketless pit that it is, implies that I am a woman with no structure and no organization in my life. But Kelley quickly addressed that by saying basically that's a load of crap and in a split second, I was redeemed. But I am going to challenge myself to clean out my purse which I haven't done since before I purchased this bag. I wonder how long it will take to rummage and sift through everything and determine what stays and what goes which I'm sure will be difficult in and of itself b/c as Kelley's book specifies, your purse is at once, a financial center, a medicine cabinet, a pharmacy, a cosmetic counter, a communications hub, a safe deposit box, and a stash for keepsakes!! Perhaps I will post a before pic and our blog followers can in fact follow me through the process.

Not only did Kelley join Bag Ladies but we also had the pleasure of being joined by Tiffany Warner, entertainment and celeb gossip columnist for the LA Examiner as well as reporter and red carpet staple. Oh, and she's also a gossip addict. Tiffany took over Bag Ladies, What's Poppin with Paparazzi segment and provided us all the juice on your fave celebs to include the naked pics of Rihanna circulating all over the place, the fact that a potential Black James Bond is being sought for an upcoming film, Russell Simmons touching Mother's Day message to Kimora, Nick Cannon's response to Eminem about backing up off his wife Mariah and Beyonce turning her apartment into an entire closet!!! Beyonce revealed to Glamour UK that b/c she receives bags upon bags of free clothes on a regular, she requires a BIG closet so she turned her entire apartment into one and Bag Ladies is gonna figure out a way to sneak a peek into that thang. So stay tuned.

And we have more to come to include a review of the Cadillac CTS4, a sip of E&J Gallo, New Amsterdam Straight Gin and more ...But we leave you with Miz Adams, Words of Wisdom and Madame Myra's Top 10 from yesterday's show:

Today’s Words of Wisdom tackle Strong Shoulders

We need those shoulders to lug around that stylish HOBO bag. But what are you really lugging around in that bag?
Are there heavy problems weighing your shoulders down?
I have a girlfriend whose purse was so full of junk that it looked more like a trash bag than a handbag. Most of the stuff she kept inside was old and useless—she had empty mint tins, gum wrappers, used pens, empty lip gloss tubes, just straight up junk. More and more junk accumulated in her purse until it became so heavy that the purse made her shoulders ache.
Sometimes in our lives we hold on to worries and stress. Just like the unnecessary junk in my girlfriends purse, we let troubles and burdens weigh us down until it hurts. Well, Miz Adams is here to tell you – it’s time to clean it alllll out! Clean that junk from your purse, get rid of those fake friends, stop honing over the that sorry dude that dumped you last year. CLEAN THAT PURSE OUT and remember God will never give you more than you can bare.
So How strong are your shoulders? And what’s in that purse that you know you need to throw way!

Madame Myra's Top 10

1. Miniature Swiss Army Knife, This classic pocket knife can perform a wide variety of tasks. With scissors, knife and a file, this is the perfect tool for wrapping a gift in the back of a taxi when you're running late. You won't be able to slice a sandwich in half with it, but you can open boxes, fix a broken nail, or cut a flower out of the garden.

2. Pocket size tape measure, This baby has come in handy at many a garage sale, department store, and gallery. No more passing on that perfect print, vintage wing backed chair or lampshade because you're not sure about the size. A tape measure also saves the day at the Christmas tree lot when that tree that looks five feet turns out to be seven feet tall instead.

3. Mini Mag-Lite flashlight, Lost somewhere, trying to find an address on some God forsaken mail box? Dropped a contact? No problem if you have your little beacon of light handy. One of the survivors of the New York City Twin Towers disaster made it out of the second tower because he had a flashlight in his desk drawer. While the odds are slim you'll ever need to find your way out a burning building with no lights, isn't it nice to know you'll always have light with you?

4. Pocket Corkscrew, You'd be amazed how that little tool can come in handy at parties, on the beach or at a picnic. The screw can be used to tear things open and the notched level will open bottles.

5. Two pens, Always carry two pens- one of them a keeper, the other one, a "give away". Why two, you ask? Well, that's simple. One for you and a spare for that time in the Starbucks when the Adonis you've been watching asks you if you have one he can borrow.

6. A lighter, and a book of matches It doesn't matter if you smoke or not. There's a great selection of lighters out there that will attract attention at a barbecue. Mankind has survived in large part because of fire, and if you ever have to set anything on fire, you'll be ready!

7. A pocket mirror, Your best friend may or may not tell you that you have a piece of spinach stuck on your front tooth, but a pocket mirror will. If you need to touch up your lipstick on the run, that little mirror in your Prada bag could save the day.

8. A note pad, Small spiral notebooks have been around since I was in grammar school (that was a long time ago). Keep one of those little pads handy for taking notes and phone numbers or giving away directions or a shopping list. Believe it or not, the entire world does not carry a Palm Pilot or Blackberry. But everyone needs to carry away information from a conversation now and then. You can write down what they need, tear of the page and slip it into someones pocket in under a minute. Unlike the volume of crap that ends up in your Blackberry, a single piece of paper stands out.

9. A decent size wallet, No matter how sophisticated your phone or laptop may be, there will always be a need for a wallet. This is where your "papers" go, along with and emergency twenty dollar bill, a bandage, and a stick of gum. Sophisticated fold over wallets like those from Luis Vuitton or sturdy little zipper wallets from Coach are the best out there for keeping those little things in there place.

10. Aspirin, Last but not least, is the wonder drug of the twentieth century, Aspirin. When doctors are asked what the one medicine is they would choose to take with them to a deserted island, the mighty Bayer aspirin is their number one choice. Once again, it doesn't matter if you use it or not. Many a headache or toothache can be cured by having a few of those travel packs lying around at the bottom of your purse.

-- Lady Erin