Thursday, May 7, 2009

Target or shall we say Tar-jay, does it again ...

Drawing creative inspiration from CW's Gossip Girl, Anna Sui is yet another designer secured to participate in Target's Designer Collaborations Program. And Bag Ladies says YAY! We can barely contain our excitement! You can do nothing but cheer about being able to purchase designer styles w/out having to pay couture prices. And if you have ever seen some of Anna Sui's runway looks, you no doubt know that she always brings a funky, hip style. These are some of Bag Ladies fave styles from Anna's runway Fall '09 collection and some of what you can likely expect from the Target collabo:

The Target collection released this fall will feature some of the hottest fabric combinations such as silk, tulle, sequins (love it) and herringbone. As Bag Ladies has previously covered, this program features one of Bag Ladies fave designers, Alexander McQueen. Target is banking on the fact that although some may not be familiar w/ the hippy, downtown chic Anna Sui, most are familiar w/ Gossip Girl as it's one of the most popular shows on television right now.

Anna Sui told WWD:
“I have always been a fan of designer partnerships with mass retailers,” Sui told WWD exclusively. “I think it is a great way to bring fashion to everyone. I love Go International and was intrigued with Target’s new take on designer partnerships. It’s a fresh approach. I was able to select a muse or source of creative inspiration to focus the collection around. It is an exciting challenge to try and interpret my aesthetic into a mass-produced product with a specific inspirational source as the focus.” “By combining the elements of art, city, spirit, punk and glamour, we created a collection that exudes New York City fashion.”

There's no denying the success of this Target program so Bag Ladies can't wait to see what Anna produces. Nor should you.

The collection will be sold for a limited time in 250 Target outlets from September 13th through October 17th.