Thursday, May 14, 2009

Groom Your Growing Fuzz!!!

You ever had the urge to add some artistic flair to your area down there? Well get ready cause GiGi is providing you all the tools to do just that w/ their BEEKINI shapers. I thought I had seen it all upon receipt of the Hair Care Down There, Ultimate Shaving Kit w/ the jewels and all which Bag Ladies discussed on the "Readying That Area Down There" episode. But when my girl Anne M. from American Int'l Industries informed me that she was sending Bag Ladies a box of goodies, I had no idea what to expect. I opened the box and dug through only to pull out stencils galore in shapes from hearts to stars to arrows and more!!!! BEEKINI shapers adds some fun to personal grooming w/ easy to use, fun stencils and all the tools to get your artist on.

As GiGi says, get your fun on and, "Groom your growing fuzz into sweet shapes while staying beautiful down there!"

And if that wasn't enough, Anne also threw in a few boxes of COLOUR down under which if you really wanna get jazzy ...after you add some personality to your coochie w/ a fun shape, you can add a boost of colour w/ the GiGi no peroxide, semi-permanent formula. All you need do is set a timer for 15 minutes, kick your feet up and count down. And in colors like Radiant Red and Auburn Spice, GiGi has surely taken color to the final frontier and you will surely be taking someone to the final frontier when all is said and done! Although soon to be discontinued, COLOUR down under is still available at various online sights. So get sexy w/ it!

Be sure to let Bag Ladies know the results :-)! And if you haven't already, check out Bag Ladies "Readying That Area Down There" episode at Bag Ladies OnDemand. And stay tuned to next week's episode for some first-hand product reviews. Bag Ladies is putting GiGi to the test!!

-- Lady Erin