Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bag Ladies putting the pedal to the metal ...

This Bag Lady scurried about this week from event to event in the 2009 Chevrolet Aveo5 Hatchback ...Introduced about four years ago. You know Bag Ladies keeps a whip and we are going to start bringing you more when it comes to putting those Emilio Pucci leather ballet flats to the pedal and that pedal to the metal and this is perfect timing because as we approach the end of the month, this is the best time to buy a car not only because of the economy but also because of the Holiday and because dealers are looking to rid their lots of excess inventory. Sometimes men underestimate just how much of an interest us Bag Ladies have in automobiles ...automobiles are such a reflection of our style and our personality and we look for distinct and specific features.

At first glance, you might not look twice at the Aveo 5 Hatchback although it has a cute kinda putt-putt mobile style. It’s comparable to the Kia Rio5, Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit. But the compactness of the Aveo5 actually provides a level of comfort that you sometimes don’t get in a large, voluptuous ride and it handles well unlike some small rides that leave you all over the road. You just jump in, grab that Mulberry Mitzy Tote and go.

All buttons, knobs and controls are visible and within easy reach. I was particularly surprised when I first opened the door and the leather seats and wood paneling were revealed
and although faux, it’s a nice look nonetheless and for a split second, you forget that you are in a more cost-effective vehicle.

But compact cars are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and luxurious as consumers are demanding smaller more fuel-efficient automobiles with the same amenities as higher priced automobiles. Not only that but you get OnStar for emergency assistance and at an additional cost, you can add on the concierge service should you need directions or need to make a reservation. Of course concierge is a must have for us Bag Ladies. You also get XM and an auxiliary input so for all of you that can’t live without your iPod, you're straight and for me it was particularly pleasing because mainstream radio offers no jazz so for this Bag Lady, XM is a requirement and one of the first features I look for when sliding into a new ride. Although ours was a 5-door Hatchback, the Aveo is also offered in a 4-door. One thing I immediately noticed upon settling in for the first time, which could’ve just been the vain in me, is that the vanity mirrors weren’t lit so after daylight there’s no performing any quick makeup checks. Are those violins I hear in the background? There could’ve been a little more pep but nevertheless, the Aveo5 got me to and fro and safely with dual front and side impact airbags and you can’t expect but so much from 106 horsepower.

Although it looks tiny, the Aveo5 affords a lot more space than you might think. The little ones and their social lives required that I cart them around to a couple of parties and I was able to do so with no problem and no squishing and stop touching me bouts and although all the car seats fit, I did struggle a bit and almost broke a sweat which was a tad discouraging. But as a friend said, "this whip has a lot of heart," and in an array of colors such as yellow, red and turquoise you will surely find a color preference that fits your fashion sense. The Aveo5 is at the very least, a fun, sporty ride and if you’re in the market for a small whip, consider. If you’re looking for luxury and style, perhaps your search should continue. Some might argue whether it is indeed as it was created to be, a “premium small car.” But with 25 mpg in the city and 34 on the hwy, you get some bang for your buck.

I would definitely opt for the 2LT, leather seating/wood paneling which has an attached starting MSRP of $15,5k. Yet it doesn’t feel cheap so expect quality bang for your buck and standards to be met and possibly exceeded. I was pleasantly surprised at the Aveo. This Bag Lady wouldn’t rest her Emilio Pucci’s on the pedal of just any whip!

-- Lady Erin