Friday, May 29, 2009

How do you determine your weekend activities? What is your criteria?

It's Friday, the end of the work week and if you're like Bag Ladies, you started planning your weekend on Monday, the beginning of the work week :-). How do you gauge which events or activities might be the best ones and/or the ones you want to attend. Do you check with your pals and take a poll of what they are doing? Do you check to see if the events have garnered any exposure ...are they mentioned online or in the paper? Are folks blogging about the events or are they generating a buzz? Might there be any folks of interest in attendance? And is it cost-effective? Such a tedious effort ...

Well look no further than right here cause Bag Ladies will keep you in the know. If Bag Ladies is gonna be in attendance, then trust that it's a place you wanna be. If you are following our blog, why not follow us around town too. Problem solved ...

Where you will run into us:

Fashionista Flea Market
The ultimate and affordable shopping experience featuring stylish handbags, clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories!

When: Saturday, May 30th
Time: 9a - 2p
Where: Upper Marlboro, MD

Click Fashionista Flea Market for further details

and ...

Premium Selective Affairs ...
THE YOUNG & THE GUESTLIST Hosted by Model & Actress Denyse Lawton and Sponsored by Hennessy BLACK

Meet the New power players this Saturday while the city's industry elite come out to play.
When: Saturday, May 30th
Time: 9p - 3a
Where: Station 9 Restaurant & Lounge, WDC

For more details, visit
Premium Selective Affairs

and ...

The hottest wine festival of ths season ...
When: Saturday, May 30th - Sunday, May 31st
Time: 11a - 6p
Where: Bull Run Regional Park

Visit for more info. and details ...

and yet another ...

The Breakfast Club
Join the club ...
When: Sunday, May 31st
Time: 3p - 12a
Where: Indulj - 1208 U Street NW, WDC

Ask the bartender for the signature Red Mimosa ...

Bag Ladies keeps it moving. Can you keep up?

See ya on the scene!

-- Lady Erin