Monday, May 11, 2009

Bag Ladies debates as we laugh our you know what's off and so will you!!!

Bag Ladies are huge fans of Saturday Night Live and for those of you that are, then I'm sure you didn't miss this past Saturday's episode featuring Justin Timberlake (JT). Of course him being part of a show I already love, only increased my enthusiasm. And now folks are talking like he's right up there w/ some of the best hosts now that he has in fact hosted three times. It might be safe to say that folks cared less about the fact that Ciara was the musical guest or at least I sure did in spite of the stellar choreography and the fact that JT joined her onstage. Does it make you wonder at all what type of increase in viewership numbers NBC sees as a result of JT being the host? Unless you reside under a rock, there's no denying his fame and that which he brings. He brings it and there is no hindrance. He is a consummate performer and it just comes across as if he absolutely enjoys every minute of that which he does which makes watching him that much more enjoyable.

The show itself was awesome and w/ the exception of maybe two, JT participated in EVERY skit so dude has alot of stamina. But now, Bag Ladies has launched into a SERIOUS, SERIOUS debate about whether "Mother Lover", the digital short w/ JT and Andy Samberg is better than the previous digital short, "Dick in a Box". And yes, that is indeed the correct title. Mother Lover was a surprise in that it featured Susan Sarandon as Andy Samberg's Mother whom JT was getting it on with and Patricia Clarkson who is JT's Mom whom Andy Samberg gets it on with. To understand is to watch. Mother Lover is all about finding the best gift for Mother's Day and JT and Andy (best friends) decide to give each other's Mother the gift of themselves and become the other's Stepfather. I lmao even as I type this!! But you, our listener must help us to resolve this fierce debate. We've posted both the videos to Mother Lover and Dick in a Box which is about them giving their girl the perfect the Holiday gift, below. Watch and what say you? Let Bag Ladies know.

-- Lady Erin