Monday, May 4, 2015


You never know how much "swagged" out nails can be pleasing to you until you have someone who keeps your nail swag on 100! There's nothing like having the assurance whether it be sitting in the chair of your hairstylist, barber or fashion stylist, that he/she will
ALWAYS deliver! This sentiment applies to my Nail Stylist. No idea is ever too grandiose. No color is too bright. There is never too much. 

When Mikal Weathers and I sit down, it's a collaboration every time that always produces results which keep me in awe, until I see her for our next visit. Until next time play and enjoy! (If player window doesn't show, click here)

Before you were bare ...
And suddenly you are swagged out ...
This look inspired by this pin
Do you have a Nail Stylist? Does he/she always deliver?
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