Thursday, May 28, 2015


It's been almost 4 weeks since Girls On The Run DC held their annual 5k on May 3rd in Anacostia Park in SE Washington, DC. And I haven't stopped running since!!!! 
Pre-Run Prep
Founded in 2006, Girls On The Run is a non-profit program targeting girls in 3rd through 8th grades with a mission to inspire girls to be healthy, joyful and confident by integrating running.
I had the pleasure of running alongside my 9 year old daughter who participates in Girls On The Run through a club in her school. This was her first 5k and what an experience it was. I was a little scared when she initially asked me because I hadn't run consistently in well over a year and had no idea if I was "conditioned" enough to complete a 5k. But how could I turn my mine-me down? 
With my girls. Tutu's was the theme.
My goals were to not stop and to cross the finish line hand in hand with my daughter. Even if it took us 5 minutes or 5 hours, I was determined to finish and that my daughter and I did. In spite of the fact that it turned out to be one of the hottest days in DC up until that point. In spite of the fact that I hadn't run in over a year. In spite of the fact that my daughter lagged behind a few times. In spite of the fact that she wanted to stop ...We finished strong!! Upon seeing the finish line a 1/4 of a mile away, I told my daughter to just go for it! I told her there would be nothing like that sense of accomplishment and the smile on her face was all the reward I needed for my own personal efforts. Her Dad, brother and friends were there to cheer her across the finish line. I'm still beaming with pride about her finish. I was so inspired that I have resumed running and have been doing three to four miles, three times a week since the 5k (less the tutu :-). 
Girls On The Run inspired this Mommy too and when I most feel like I want to throw in the towel, I just think about my mini-me.
My mini-me's walking hand and and to the start line.
I just love their sisterly bond. And my oldest was able to offer my youngest a bit of advice. She was in Girls On The Run last year. 
I essentially had to re-break in my running shoes.
My mini-me and I outfitted for the occasion. Thanks goodness I had a short-sleeve tee on under, the sun was BLAZING!
There were so many activities to get the girls pumped prior to the run. My mini-me getting tattooed.
She made getting her hair colored more dramatic than it looked.  
The hair color station was one of the most popular. 
And there was face painting too. My girls loved it so much they sneaked a selfie on my phone. 
Who knew running a 5k required such glamour? If you have a tween you already know. 
My daughter and her running mates gathering to kick it off!
And we're OFF!!
There were many there to encourage and cheer.
After not running in over a year, this 3-mile marker was a sight for sore eyes.
My mini-'me's got this. 
And we were smiling just as much "after" as we were "before."
Looking very hot and sweaty at this point.  
I'm so proud of you!!!!
Visit Girls On The Run for opportunities to support the amazing efforts of this organization and for info. on how to bring this program to your school.

Do you run? Who or what inspires you?
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