Thursday, May 7, 2015


It's a wonder my veins don't bleed this stuff as much as my brothers and I drank Kool-Aid growing up. Who needs Mommy?! We could make it ourselves. It was the go-to drink from morning till night. For breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh and snack time too!! It was 24/7.
What was your FAVE flave?
My kids will never know the joys of coming home to a full pitcher of the AID! 
Forever my FAVE flavor.

Just imagine if this was available back in the day. I would've just tossed my head back and went for it.  Who needs water?
Kraft has a dedicated page to Kool-Aid recipes.
My palette has since developed so I don't drink it as an adult nor do I make Kool-Aid for my kids.

Do you have great memories of Kool-Aid? Do you still drink it? What was your fave way to enjoy?
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