Monday, January 27, 2014


Pictured with Life Coach and Author, Demetria Lucas
Trying to stay warm by snapping selfies
Although enduring seriously cold temperatures in the DMV, nothing could keep me from joining my Color Comm gals this weekend. Color Comm is a organization for women of color in communications. Color Comm is great for many reasons one of which they host fab events. Friday was  brutally cold and after a week which included snow, ice and frigid temps that although common place surely in New York and Chicago, not so much in Washington, DC. I'm screaming, "out with ole man winter and in with spring." Although I wanted to do otherwise, I pulled myself together and hung out for an intimate private happy hour at the Fairmont Hotel in Washington, DC and featuring Life Coach and Author, Demetria Lucas aka "A Belle In Brooklyn" most recently known for her BravoTV show, Blood, Sweat and Heels airing now. I've had Demetria on my show before as a live on-air guest (click here to listen OnDemand), yet I had never met Demetria personally so I made good on the opportunity to do so Friday after she offered up some good dish on everything from relationships, how to meet men and now being a reality tv star. It was Question and Answer as a lot of my buds had juicy questions of which Demetria responded with equally juicy answers. Girl talk never gets old even on a frigid Friday nite when all you really wanna do is bundle up under the covers and hibernate.

Pictured with my Kids

My kids dictated most of my weekend schedule which included a chess tournament hosted by Chess Challenge in DC which is a group promoting academic, social and leadership development amongst youth in DC via chess. Although I haven't a clue how to play chess, it doesn't matter because cheering my kids on in anything, gives me life. I love the efforts on behalf of Chess Challenge in DC and my kids coach who instructs them weekly at Clubhouse #14 of the Boys and Girls Club of America. My son won one game, my daughter zip but in my eyes they are winners nonetheless. We'll get 'em next time!

And I wouldn't be doing the weekend justice without providing you my top 5 Grammy moments. I spent most of my time on Twitter while watching and the commentary had me in tears. All jokes aside, the buzz about Jay Z and Beyonce performing together is why I watched although after they performed, I seriously considered changing the channel. But alas, I actually watched The Grammy's in it's entirety. MY TOP 5:

Robin Thicke performing with Chicago - Say what you will but I LOVE Chicago! Download some of their old stuff and don't forget to thank me later

Photo Cred: 
Pink banging that Johanna Johnson red dress out on the red carpet - Her bawdy is sick and the fit and cut just looked amazing on her against the contrast of her blonde hair. 

Pharrell, Stevie Wonder and Daft Punk - I mean anything with Stevie Wonder is just …I would've preferred to hear from Stevie more. And did you notice he missed his cue at the start of the song?

Cyndi Lauper - My 9 yr. old daughter asking upon seeing her take the stage, "is that the girl who sang the song in Goonies?"

Jay Z and Beyonce - I mean their opening performance was one thing but was I not the only one who loved Jay's acknowledgment of God blessing him with his Mrs. Carter?

Leave me a comment and share your fave moments from last nite's Grammy's?

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