Thursday, January 9, 2014


I love a fab shoe!! And I mean shoe in the broad sense be it a pump, a sandal, a flat or a boot. It's safe to say my love of shoes can easily be classified as a fetish (drops mic and takes a seat.) I literally have a #ItsAFetish Pinterest board dedicated solely to my love of shoes. Can you relate? Click here to follow styles that I swoon over.

So winter is upon us. I look forward to winter for a few reasons. Not many though cause I like cold less as I get older (giving Mother Nature the side-eye.) But being able to rock certain boots that I only pull out when the temps go down is one. To the left is one style in particular that ALWAYS attracts attention. I've been stopped on the street, in the airport, while eating. And I've even had friends try to steal these boots off my feet while I am wearing them mind you! I adore these boots. I am barely 5 feet but the over-the-knee length actually elongates my legs and makes me look slimmer. I love the buckle embellishments that give them even more flair. They are warm. And there is just a 1" stacked heel so the fit is extremely comfortable. I've literally been out with my kids all day ripping and running and I can stay in these boots all day. The leather is soft and stretchy and with the side zipper, they are very easy to put on and take off. And you can dress them up and pair with a skirt/dress or dress down and pair with leggings/denim.

Pictured with my son at his recent Soccer tourney again in my tried and true boots. is one of my favorite online shopping destinations primarily consisting of emerging designers. But you can find everything from dresses and shoes to accessories and beauty products. And at amazing prices! Not only am I a fan but Lulu*s has been very supportive of my Bag Ladies. Lulu*s sponsored my participation in last year's #Blogalicious5 as official Social Media Partner.

I'm always flattered by the compliments but I'm sorry to say that this particular style is no longer available (I've had them for like 2 years), but because I am so often asked about them …I literally had a 10 minute conversation with friends last evening over dinner about options for wearing and where they can find. So I said to myself hmmm, let me check Lulu*s and see what they got. I selected five look-a-likes and while they aren't exactly the same obviously, they are just as HOT with great price points (I included the cost and direct link), and like me, may give you a reason to love the colder months that much more.

Clayton 14. I love the fact that these are only $48 bucks! And like mine, they are over-the-knee, soft and supple leather with silver buckles and a side zip. Click here!
Bamboo Montage 80X. Like mine, this style has a 1" heel and is over-the-knee. And although you can't see, there is a gold zipper on the side and the exposed buckle is gold too. And only $52 dollars. Click here!
Outlaw 81. Although a tad shorter in length, they are leather. And there are exposed buckles at the top and bottom. What you don't see is an exposed side-zipper trimmed in a hot electric blue. $46 bucks. Click here!
Herley11. The studs had me at "hello." Leather, over the knee with a 1" heel and a zipper in the back. The black leather is vegan. $46. Click here!
Wanted Bayon. So I deter a bit. These are brown but I just love the exposed gold buckles. And these are over-the-knee. The most costly as they are both leather and suede but still a steal at $89. Click here!
What do you think? Which style is your fave? Get em' while you can! Note, quantities for some are very limited. And might I add although not really my style, these boots although over the knee can be worn year round. I have ankle and mid-calf boots that I often wear in the warmer months even.

Happy 2014!!

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