Monday, January 6, 2014


It's 2014!!! Most (myself included), have identified goals, resolutions, changes, improvements ...Whatever you want to call them, that we want to achieve and/or make in the new year. Alas, we are only 6 days in and some of us might already be slipping or falling off track. I've already gotten called out by my BFF and accused of being a "sucka" (aka sucker), for almost dragging something into 2014 that I vowed to leave in 2013. Instead of getting defensive, I told her only a true BFF will call you out. I thanked her for holding me accountable. 

If you find yourself digressing a bit, here is some inspiration. And btw, there is absolutely no harm in hitting the restart button. Just don't give up on what you want.

"Make room for the good by releasing things that are no longer working."

"Push through your limits. Life begins where you comfort zone ends."

"Crumbs to cake ...Be worthy of the cake."

"Envision your goals and speak it out loud to another for accountability." 

"Action trumps everything." 

"Acknowledge failure."

"Life is push and pull." 

"When you let go of the old, that's when the new can come in."

Do you have any resolutions for 2014? Please share. And who in your life will call you out if you don't  follow through with changes/resolutions?

P.S. - One of my goals starts with this post which is my first of the new year. I am working on establishing better consistency meaning posting on a schedule and not just at random. Please hold me to it. Call me out if you need to (LOL!), just like my BFF.

Happy 2014!!

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