Tuesday, January 28, 2014


It was less about the board itself but rather a test of my discipline. Completion of the board represented things goals, objectives, dreams and prayers for that which I want to do, will do. Admittedly it took a lot longer than I planned. If you follow me on Instagram @ bagladies, you know I fell ill the day before New Year's eve which is when I intended to start my vision board but I wasn't able to muster the energy to start my own so I instead helped my 9 yr. old (pictured at right), get started on hers. I actually didn't start mine until the following weekend. And it took about a week two weeks actually of doing little by little. I almost didn't do one at all feeling completely discouraged because I didn't start/complete per my original timeline. But I literally had to say to myself, "Who cares when you start or finish. Just do it!" I needed that closure more than I realized and I am pleased. I've even had friends drop by since who have taken notice and have asked me about certain pictures/references and what it means. I enjoy breaking down my vision for 2014. I feel like every time I lend a voice to the board, I'm speaking my goals into existence. I intend to check in from time to time to in an effort to hold myself accountable for what I want to accomplish this year. I pray to be able to look back on this initial post in a years time feeling a great sense of accomplishment and being completely humbled by blessings bestowed. My vision for 2014 in one word, "favor."

Have you ever done a vision board? In one word, describe your vision for 2014.
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