Wednesday, October 10, 2012

FAVE #Blogalicious12 Take-A-Ways!

So there likely isn't much more that I can offer about the magnificence that was #Blogalicious12, that hasn't already been spoken, written, "tweeted", posted, captured, etc. ...

I had the pleasure of attending #Blogalicious11 and I knew immediately that Blogalicious is a must-attend annual event and #Blogalicious12 did nothing but reaffirm and leave me with tons of motivation, a plethora of new friends, great contacts (still in the midst of following up), nothing left to tweet ;-), unfathomable exhaustion (sooooooo worth it), and loads of "sin city" tales. And before you even go there, please don't ask. "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

The experience that was #Blogalicious12 is hardly one that I could or would keep to myself so to kick-off my #Blogalicious12 Recap Series, which will include fave moments, fave quotes, fave speakers/presentations, fave food, fave drinks, fave parties ...Oh hell, everything about #Blogalicious12 is a fave. Anyway, below are my ...fave take-a-ways ;-):

Gracious! I had to hit the Red Rock Biz Center to ship all the #Blogalicious12 swag (freebies)!!!!! It was cost-effective and arrived most expeditiously. The cost would've been more had I bought another suitcase (to stuff with swag) and checked it. Lawd knows, there was no room in my already two overstuffed bags.

There were many failed attempts to get ALLLLL the swag in one shot. FINALLY ... 

1. I've actually always wanted to try Crest Whitestrips and with Proctor & Gamble (P&G), having been a sponsor of #Blogalicious12, I can now give them a try on P&G's dime ;-). Hopefully they will yield the promised intensive professional effects. (A before/after will be posted)

2. The temps are literally dropping as I type and winter is soon to be upon us. In my household, moisturizer is in much higher demand during the colder months (we don't do ashy ;-), so thank you Eucerin.

3. Every woman knows you can never have enough tee shirts to pow around in and if you are a blogger, you absolutely understand being up in the wee hours trying to curb writer's block and comfort being an absolute MUST so thank you Gain for the tee(s). I sooooo wish I'd grabbed those bottles of detergent offered.

4. My lil ones snatch my lip balm whenever I turn my back (like thieves in the night), so although one might not think, the Coors chap stick is truly cherished.

5. McDonald's not only had a great set-up as one of the sponsors. And not only threw a fabulous poolside party but they also provided nourishment throughout the conference. I'm hooked on the Strawberry Parfait. But McDonald's also had great goodies! I've been using my laptop feet everyday since returning from Vegas.  I let my son take the black pouch with that infamous McDonald's "M" that he knows and loves.

6. Nail polish given to all attendees as per the "trip to da strip" hosted by Tao and Lavo. I mean what can you say, it's nail polish. Always good. #nailswagbl #BeautyTalk

7. Being the "Bag Lady" that I am, I love bags ...Of all kinds so the #RossDressForLess bag is all good. Check me in another week. I likely won't be able to see the bottom.

8. The card holder in the @RealityFashion swag bag is too cute. The glitter/sequin accent gives it just the right hint of Vegas bling. All the better to hold  my FAB new moo biz cards.

9. Hanes socks/footies. Great!! Once I lotion down with my Professional Repair Eucerin, on goes a pair of Hanes socks. Ahhhhh ...

You may have noticed a few items not contained in the swag bag given to all attendees. A true "shopaholic" (which I've long since proclaimed), always makes time to shop and thus I did. The hot pink leather bracelet, leopard print scarf,  and earrings were on my dime but are nonetheless fave take-a-ways ;-). 

The gold dangling earrings dipped in neon green are too cute!! The pic doesn't do them justice. I got these in the airport no less while awaiting departure. I'm a total earring fiend. I was so flattered by @TheManeSource's compliments of my earring choices during the conference. 

And there you have it. What were some of your fave take-a-ways and how are you either using or planning to put to good use?? #Blogalicious12 Recap Series continues ...

Lady Erin