Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Best of both worlds you might say ...

You ever think I want the shape of a hobo but the size of a tote? If so, then you need a 'Softy Tobo' Bag and MARC JACOBS is giving it to you per his Spring '09 collection. Although this Bag Lady is a fan of all things MARC JACOBS, the versatility and practicality of the MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Softy Tobo' Bag is not to be overlooked. You get the size plus the Tobo is a bag that you can carry year round!! I know I'm not the only one that at times hates having to dump all that baggage from one bag to another when seasons change in spite of my love for buying new bags. I will say the Tobo is much more tame though than other MARC JACOBS styles as the available pale grey is a sharp contrast to the usual vibrant colors of most MARC JACOBS handbags including the purple MARC by MARC JACOBS WORKWEAR style I myself often carry. But the 'Softy Tobo' can be dressed up or dressed down when you just want to be casual. The style is conducive to just being slouchy and we all have days like that. But you also get great interior and exterior pockets to keep all that baggage organized and what Bag Lady doesn't require that?

The Softy Tobo Bag is being referred to as a hybrid (not just a term for automobiles) but this Bag Lady just likes the name ...Tobo. The bag ain't half bad either ...Check it out. Available at Nordstrom for $498

--Lady Erin