Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Going green can be sexy, can be fashionable and so much more. Bag Ladies tells you how ...

How many of you know today is Earth Day? For those that do, what do you intend to do to increase your awareness or become more conscious or cognizant of being more green? Bag Ladies is always looking for ideas that we an share amongst our listeners and followers so please send us your comments. Bag Ladies doesn't proclaim to know all there is to know nor to be doing all that we can. We are a work in progress just like you and learning is what makes the process fun.

Those of you that tuned in yesterday for what was a very brief show, know that Bag Ladies is making some changes to improve the show and deliver something that consistently exceeds expectations. We are introducing new segments, scheduling premier guests and taking care of some technical upgrades so we had to take some down time in order to do that but we will surely be back next week fresh, live and new!!! But you ain't off the hook. Be sure to check out your homework assignment. Yup, it's not just for the kids. Listen to yesterday's update and you will find out all you need and be sure to connect w/ us here and on Facebook to find out more about next week's show, upcoming events and more. But we certainly couldn't let the week go w/out bringing you one of our most popular segments, Madame Myra's Top 10 ...we were unable to bring it to you yesterday and if you are like me, you missed it, right? So we had no choice but to bring it to ya and w/ it being Earth Day, Madame Myra decided to lend attention to going green but w/ a twist.

So says she (Madame Myra) ...Sexy Ways to Go Green!!!! Not quite 10 but sexy nevertheless.

Invite a Shower Buddy - Bathing with your guy is a lot more fun than doing it alone, and it's also a steamy way to save water and money. To slash the bill even more, install an Eco-friendly shower head. Most standard designs waste up to 5 gallons of water per minute, but Niagara Conservation's Earth Massage shower heads come in models that use only 1 1/2 gallons in that amount of time yet dispense a flow that we swear feels just as strong.

Lube Up, Naturally - Warming, edible, and scented — all-natural lubricants offer the same kinds of naughty extras as their more synthetically composed counterparts. Plus, with soothing ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E, the products are gentle on your delicate nether regions. Since most cost about the same as some of their not-so-green competitors on the market, this sexy swap is a no-brainer.

Slip Between Eco-Sheets - Bamboo is one of the earth's most renewable resources, and despite its rough texture in the wild, when it's used in bed linens, it has a silky, slinky feel that's really sexy. And if you're worried that a set of these rich threads will break the bank, Target features a line with a 40 percent bamboo blend for under 60 bucks.

Another perk: The bamboo plant contains an antibacterial agent that naturally protects against pests while it's growing in the fields. This quality is believed to help bamboo fibers wick away moisture and block the growth of nasty bacteria.

Burn for Him - Fire up the stove, uncork a bottle of wine (organic, of course), and turn off the lights. Candlelit homemade dinners have to be the most romantic way to save electricity. And who doesn't look sexy basking in that forgiving glow?

Since he'll probably want to stare at you all night long, use soy candles — they burn longer, meaning you'll replace them less often. Babeland sells one that can be purchased solo or as part of an Eco-Sexy or Eco-Delight Kit. Made with skin-safe soy, it doubles as a warm, scented massage oil — talk about multitasking.

Unusual Date - If you're sick of the same ole movie-and-a-burger Friday night rut, break free and check out the events offered by your local state park, like concerts or skating — some will even supply the skates. A simple Google search will turn up everything you need to know.

This summer, support area farmers and pack local organic food for a lunch- break picnic. Use real plates and silverware instead of plastic.

Turn Up the Heat... - Not like you need an excuse to have sex, but one way to keep the thermostat on low and your libido high is by engaging in some frisky action right before going to bed. This will make the room toasty, not to mention send both of you off to dreamland happy and relaxed.

Not in the mood one particularly chilly night? Just snuggling up and sleeping close will produce enough body heat to keep your connection and your bedroom hot.

...Then Later, Keep Your Cool - You've spent all winter bundled up, and with the warmer months right around the corner, it's about time to remember that you still have a body under all those layers. So when the temperature soars, instead of blasting the air conditioner, why not shed the clothes and relish being in your own skin? Assuming your neighbors can't see you, open the windows for some fresh air, and lounge around in the buff for one seriously liberating Saturday afternoon.

Get Playful - You don't have to go far to find a selection of green sex toys — most mainstream and online stores offer body- and earth-friendly versions. If you're really dedicated, check out some of the latest vibrators that use rechargeable batteries. For modesty's sake, you might want to recharge yours in a more discreet spot than you would your cell. But feel free to leave it out and flaunt how committed you are to the cause.

Put these sexy tips into effect immediately and let us know your thoughts or more importantly, results :-).

And just a little tidbit dominating headlines a bit from a brand we are all very familiar w/, Target and their efforts to be more conscious of being more green as it relates to accessibility to fashion. Bag Ladies has discussed how effective a job Target does in partnering w/ high-end designers and providing accessibility to designers that the average consumer may not otherwise have access to and at a price point that is affordable. And now they are going green by partnering w/ Loomstate. If not already familiar, Loomstate is an Eco-friendly fashion line that has been producing casual clothing for everyday wear for the last 7+ years and has launched the Loomstate for Target Collection just in time for both Spring and Earth Day!

Expect to see easy to pair tops and bottoms for both guys and gals. Loomstate is known for utilizing materials such as 100% organic cotton, linen and silk and drunken yarn which will require further research (get back to ya) but not only do styles look good but feel good also. Per Target, the collection will be available for a limited time only both online at and in select stores so move your ass. The collection is environmentally friendly and don't know what your requirements are but affordable and high quality too. You will notice the Loomstate pelican logo plastered throughout the collection but it doesn't take anything away from the styles. Step into the bullseye and see for yourself. Check out the the Loomstate for Target Collection online at

Please be sure to let Bag Ladies know your thoughts ...

And of course we can't close out w/out Miz Adams and her Words of Wisdom on the topic of Going Green. Just something to ponder ...

Are you being honest and true to yourself about going green? Going green is a personal responsibility that we should confront in our everyday lives. That might mean bringing your own cup to Starbucks just to save a few trees. It may also mean something as simple as reusing that Macy’s tote for the next mega shopping spree or to purchase groceries. How about hopping on the subway or bus? Whatever your fashion, just know that there are several ways to make your life greener. What are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint?

Bag Ladies ...