Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Bag Ladies brought you on Tuesday recap.

Well, we had some technical difficulties but it takes much more than that to throw Bag Ladies off their game! We endured and thank you to those of you who hung on and endured w/ us as well cause if you did, you certainly were privy to a great show! It was difficult at the start to be experiencing the technical difficulties that we were b/c we were so EXCITED about the show. But although we were delayed about 10 minutes, we trust Blog Talk Radio was able to resolve the issues and we won’t have to worry about those difficulties moving forward. I, Lady Erin complimented listeners w/ my voice for a lot longer than I expected as a result. But like I said, we still did our thang!

As usual Madame Myra was hosting along w/ me but we were also joined not only by our featured guest, Nneka Hurley of NnekaSaranHandbags mentioned as per our previous blog post but also a guest host, JaTawny Muckelvene of JaTawny Vision Photography, who is a locally based awesome Photog, Wife and Mommy of 2 which this Bag Lady can certainly relate to. JaTawny has photographed my fam previously and her work is absolutely amazing. So we had a great time kicking it and hopefully you had equally as good a time tuning in. And of course if you were unable to do so, we are now offering you the BTR playa right from our blog page so it’s up to you. Visit our show page at and scroll down to OnDemand to check out current and past episodes which you missed or hit our blog and not only check out wassup w/ Bag Ladies but the latest episode. Yup, we are making every effort to give it to you as best we can and are always looking to offer more in addition to tweeting it up, facebook’ing and blogging …

Of course we did our What’s Poppin w/ the Paparazzi and some celeb tidbits we will continue to follow is Mariah and Nick may be expecting, Toni Braxton’s efforts to drop a new album and Monica’s supposed reality show. But we also featured my usual fave, Madame Myra’s Top 10 which if for no other reason, check out yesterday’s episode just for her. Additionally, starting today, we are bringing you a new segment called, What’s Sippin! We have mentioned that the concept of Bag Ladies mimics when you link up w/ your girls, kick your shoes off and just gossip and gab about everything under the sun and if you are like us, you don’t typically do so w/out a drink in hand so we thought a great addition to the show would be to profile various wines, liqueurs or other varieties that might be of interest. We were contacted by a few distributors and have been reaching out and started developing relationships. But it’s a segment that we are really excited to bring you and possibly even expand so please be on the lookout for more of that. This week’s show, we featured a black-owned Rum, Castries Crème,, which is defined as a Peanut Rum that blends premium roasted peanuts w/ award winning St. Lucian Rum. Sounded good to us and we would hope that it sounds good to you! Both Madame Myra and myself had a chance to sip it or drink rather cause we definitely did more damage than just a sip and we both found it to be very pleasurable and it’s certainly something I would order when out. As I mentioned during the show, it has the consistency and texture of Bailey’s or Kahlua but smoother. I simply poured it over ice and drank it straight but it can be utilized several different ways to compliment various drinks so please check it out and there are numerous recipes on the site. I can’t wait to ask for it the next time out …perhaps on Saturday. It is very widely distributed …

And lastly, we had a chance to chat it up w/ Nneka Hurley of NnekaSaranHandbags, regarding her upcoming ’09 spring/summer collection which she will be debuting this coming Saturday, April 18th at Lux Lounge in Washington, DC. We discussed how she got her start, celebrities who have carried her designs, her current collection, her faith and how she manages basically doing it on her own while maintaining a full-time job, plans for the future and more. Nneka is great and it was such a pleasure having her join us! This Saturday’s upcoming event which Bag Ladies is very much looking forward to, follows:

Details regarding Nneka’s event:
Debut of NnekaSaranHandbags ’09 spring/summer collection
Lux Lounge, Washington, DC
6-8 pm on 2nd level (please note event will begin promptly at 6 and end at 8)
-Limited designs available for purchase-(cash/credit)

Don’t miss it!

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