Monday, April 6, 2009

Bring the weekend back ...

The weather was too good in the Washington, DC metro area not to enjoy and embark on various activites. One such activity or event that this lady attended on behalf of Bag Ladies, was the Omar show on Friday. If you are familiar w/ Omar then his name says it all. If not, he is a British soul artist out of the UK, ( I was first introduced to his music about 7 years ago and fell in love immediately. I've had the pleasure of seeing him live a couple times before and as I told a friend, there are few things sexier than watching that man perform. His stage presence, that voice, that accent. Ooooh, it does it for me! I had the nerve to get some hugs and kisses too. I was putty in his hands. But Friday's event was a kick-off of the Soul Britannia Party series so hopefully this show is the first of many.

I had the pleasure of of visiting the Warehouse&Loft, a venue I had never before been to. It is in the warehouse district and basically just that but the layout was totally in tune w/ the vibe of the show. The VIP area inparticular was full of overstuffed chaises, an abundance of candlelight, dim lighting and an open bar. Tone (promoter) did his thing and exhausted everything in an effort to pull off what was an awesome show. Pics will be posted in the next couple of days so please be on the lookout.

Additional weekend highlights:

Cherry Blossom Festival ...there are few events as significant in the WDC area then the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. Not only are the blossoms amazing but the fest totally validates the fact that Spring is coming. It definitely is an event not to be missed.


If the one cd I've listened to thus far, is any indication of how good or great rather this Prince release is, then WOW! And Target has it going on as they have exclusive rights so Target is the only place you can get LotusFlow3r which consists of three albums. The one I heard was a perfect blend of uptempo and slowtempo and featured Prince doing what he does best. What do you think?

Lady Erin ...signing off.