Thursday, November 19, 2015


Little did I know, a pic I posted in prep for last Thursday's UNCUT! event which I moderated featuring Paul C. Brunson, would gain the traction that it did everywhere from Twitter to Instagram and BEYOND! Moreso than anything else I posted last week. So the story goes ...

I totally dress according to my mood. Follow me on Instagram @bagladies. I do of course take into account the event itself and what's appropriate but my mood moreso than anything, dictates what I wear. I'm not scatterbrain when it comes to fashion choices. I don't like the whole running to the mall in haste. I shop proactively, not as needed. Blame it on the "shopaholic" in me. I LOVE to shop. There I said it! And I like to have options right in my own closet so be it casual or formal, I want options. And should I feel the need to be inspired, I visit my #PassionForFashion board on Pinterest. I pin great ideas for how to switch up a look I've tried and of course a ton of new looks never before worn. 

So leading up to last Thursday I was particularly busy so by time Thursday got here, I knew I needed easy and effortless. Anytime you actually play a role in an event, it's easy to become frazzled because you are accountable and being stressed over what to wear only adds to that anxiety. I wasn't feeling too terribly tame so I wanted color and I wanted to stand out even moreso because I would be front and center addressing the audience. But I also wanted to be casual (not overstated), chic (on trend), and cute (no explanation necessary).

In the moment, I didn't realize I pulled it off so well but the outpouring of compliments and inquiries both at the event and following the event even still as to where I got this jumpsuit, made it clear. I would not have even considered dedicating a post to a jumpsuit otherwise but I'm not one to withhold purchases. What do you think?

I could totally live entirely in jumpsuits. Did you know that about me?
And this HM patterned jumpsuit had a nicely belted waist so I could snatch it in! But it also had the nerve to have pockets too. SCORE!
I paired the look with my latest Rocksbox pieces including these Pave' Lightning Bolt Studs. I'm such a stud lover. 
The Rocksbox Mattie Pave ring and Kendra Scott necklace further accessorized. And my JoveeCo polish was super glam in "Male Model."
Visit and apply my code for a discount from me to you: bagladiesxoxo
I was feeling gaudy on this night so I didn't go with the Kendra Scott piece and instead opted to throwback my neckwear to a Traci Lynn piece. The event did take place on a Thursday after all.
So after serious research, I was unable to find this same HM patterned jumpsuit which was such an on the whim purchase back in August. I was literally just browsing looking for pieces for my girls and I happened upon this jumpsuit for just $39.99 and I immediately loved the print. And for the first time in a minute, I fit into a size 4!! Follow me on Instagram, and see how much I run. It's paid off.

But be not dismayed, I did find a couple options while not the same print, in like styles and they're available online so you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home to shop em'. 
Not the same print but it's a print nonetheless. Click HERE. It's $49.99.
While solid black, the style is exactly the same as mine which I love. The neck wasn't too deep and being as though I'm barely 5'l, sometimes the crotch hanging low can be an issue. Not with this one. Click HERE. It's $59.99.
This glittery jumpsuit is simply because I like jumpsuits. Now I have my eye on this one. Click HERE. It's the cheapest one out of the bunch at $34.99.

I couldn't end this post without extending my thanks to the Northern Virginia Urban League of Young Professionals Network for having me at last week's event, it was fantastic. I'll be sharing even more pics today on my Instagram @bagladies.
Pictured "in the jumpsuit" with featured guest Paul C. Brunson and the NVULYPN board.
Are you as much a fein for jumpsuits as I am? I have at least 10 (don't judge me). How many do you have?


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