Wednesday, November 18, 2015


What do you get when you bring together Bloggers, Vloggers and other social media mavens, experts and guru's, in a collective space aka Google office, to discuss what is safe to say, the most popular and widely known free video sharing platform?? YouTube Creator Day!!

I had an opportunity to attend this all day event last Friday. YouTube is not a platform that I've ever used consistently although I've had a channel since launching Bag Ladies Radio in 2009. But it's a platform that I want to get to know better so the tips offered during YouTube Creator Day on how I can maximize and monetize which translates into making money as well as build my subs (short for subscribers), had me at the ready. 

The day consisted of panels, collaborative activities and a Q and A.
The panelists were EXCELLENT and offered great tips!
Pictured with Beauty Blogger +saaammage. Her tireless efforts to produce quality content were inspiring. And she's a Mommy like me. And a foodie too. 
Pictured with +AntoDaBoss. He offered fantastic tips on how to build and produce content and how he literally built his channel from the ground up.
 But also there was food and a Phhhoto station (I have the gifs posted to my Instagram @bagladies) and the day ended with a much needed happy hour which not only was it a great wind down to the end of the day but it gave me a chance to meet and greet and network with other DC area Bloggers/Vloggers. You know how outgoing I am, I'll talk to anyone. 
The +Google office space was so fun. They were posted up to keep watch over the food. Wanna be minions maybe.
Two of my fave Blogger buds +NaturallyGlamTV and +mimicutelips
One of the sweetest Bloggers I have the pleasure of knowing, +curlynugrowth.
And it was so funny, there were a few new Bloggers/Vloggers I met not knowing what type of following they had and they were so down to earth and nice and I subscribed to find they have like followers in like the thousands!! We're talking 10k and up but yet they were terribly modest.
En route to the restroom and I was greeted by her. Cute right?
Uh you know me well. Where there is a mirror, there is a selfie.
Oh and I couldn't leave without that swag aka freebies.
And I made the +YouTube Creator Day Wall of Fame. Look ma, I'm official!
The day wouldn't have been nearly as fun had it not been for some of my fave Blogger buds also in attendance. And the setting that is the Google office, was just inviting and fun. In an effort to motivate myself to "just do it" and begin using YouTube, I uploaded a glimpse of the space per a LIVE Periscope I did while there. 

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