Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Cause when you are surrounded by #BlackGirlMagic. Immersed in #BlackGirlMagic. Drowning in #BlackGirlMagic …It produces sumpin and that which all that magic yielded at last Friday’s The Ayaba Series: A Sister Circle event at Nubian Hueman, was an abundance of amazing energy.

People often joke about glitter and unicorns. I surely saw a unicorn, perhaps even two dash across the Anacostia Arts Center where Nubian Hueman boutique is located in Southeast Washington, DC. And glitter was on continuous swirl.
Those of us in attendance could flick it if we wanted to. Glitter was seeping from our pores at every point in which the lovely sisters of whom I was surrounded by on this eve, pursed theirs lips to speak in a tone so candid, so transparent, so vulnerable and so courageous, you couldn’t help but laugh and cry too which I did on more than one occasion. But it wasn't the "ugly cry" rather it was that therapeutic cry where you wanna scream "yes!" It's the cry of being in such a comfortable setting, you feel totally at ease letting your guards down. It's the cry that dispels all notions that sisters who don't know one another from "adam", can come together as the sisters they already are and connect like "this" is what it's always been and should always be. 
As you can no doubt tell, I'm still in awe.

The Ayaba Series is a monthly event brought to perhaps the masses one day, but for now it remains a wonderfully intimate affair facilitated by Ebone' McCloud of Good Thoughts Tea Company, an all-natural loose leaf tea brand. The mention of tea is actually what caught my eye about this event. And if you follow me on Instagram @bagladies, you already know my affinity borderline obsession with tea. An impromptu scroll thru my Instagram feed the nite before ordered my steps and I found myself the following eve, sitting indian style amongst other sisters in a circle sipping a Good Thoughts Tea Company hibiscus blend while discussing the topic of the night: healing and forgiveness, further reaffirmed by yoga, meditation, written exercises, affirmations and just good girl talk. And if you ever listened to my previously aired Bag Ladies Radio segments, you already know I have a thing for good girl talk.

I made new friends. I cried. I was blessed. I laughed. I learned a new yoga pose and breathing technique. I let go of things no longer purposeful in my life and opened myself to possibilities and potential not yet realized. And there was tea! 

The energy since has been indescribable. The shift is distinct and I've been the most productive the last four days since this event, than I've been in a minute and seemingly have overcome what I was beginning to believe to be less lack of time and more writer's block seeing as how this is my first post in quite a while. Anything that inspires me to put pen to paper be it emotion, be it an event, be it music or in this case, sisterhood, is significant. And those of us in attendance made a pact to keep in touch because we all were in agreement regarding the energy and the fact that we wanted to maintain that and thrive on that and uplift one another and just be the magical beings that we are and even moreso collectively. 

Shoes off, phones silent, cop a squat literally and let’s connect. We did so not only thru speaking but breathing and meditating. But it was such an overwhelming abundance of love. Upon walking in and mind you, I knew no one, I felt welcomed. The backdrop that is Nubian Hueman is so inviting (see pics below), and the decor totally lends itself to the concept.

And then you shop! …I will follow-up w/ my haul. 
In the meantime, follow @goodthoughtsteacompany and @nubianhueman for details on the continuation of the Ayaba Series and more. 

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A glimpse of the inviting decor. We copped a squat on this rug which I would've left with if no one was looking. Shhh ...
Decor at Nubian Hueman.
Good Thoughts Tea Company offers great loose leaf blends. And it was my 1st time sampling teas steeped in a french press pot.
Nubian Hueman is a retailer too. Featuring artwork by @markusprimelives 
Featuring plant powered skin care @thebalmco 
Where there is a mirror, there is a selfie against the backdrop that is Nubian Hueman. Post-event and brimming with upliftment.
Now to find a rug like this ...
I curated a box of goodies for a friend the next day featuring items from my Nubian Hueman shopping haul. Coming soon ...
The nite ended on a great note, a love note which we all wrote, one to the other.  I'm gonna frame mine before this  week is over.
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