Tuesday, January 13, 2015


A nook is defined as: /nook/ noun - A small corner, alcove, or recess, especially one in a large room. 2. A hidden or secluded spot.
I always wanted a nook and it wasn't until I tackled making over my home office this past weekend, the saga told HERE, that I realized my dream. I envisioned creating a nook when
I first moved into my home but alas, life got the best of me and it became a dream deferred. I designated the space an office but never lent much attention to creating anything otherwise. I happened upon some unused wall stickers and set out on the task to make over my office space which included rearranging furnishings, wall hangings and moving shoes, lots and lots of shoes. Click HERE to see for yourself. The floor of my office literally looked like a stowaway for pumps and heels, a few pairs of which I have yet to even wear. This is how I created my nook.
A nook is typically part of a larger room or space. This corner was not only the most available and accessible corner but it's perfectly situated next to the only window in the room and I already had a lamp there.
Click HERE for the IKEA SLATTHULT decorative stickers I purchased almost three years ago when I first moved into my home. I bought some different themes for my children's room too. We had a great time decorating their walls and these have literally been sitting unused. They are great options to a renew a room without having to paint or wallpaper. And these designs are still available. You can find like stickers everywhere. I've seen them everywhere from Pottery Barn to Target.
Ok shoes, you gotta get gone. Once I established direction for my decor, I needed to ready my space now known as my nook. Mind you this was the last phase after a whole day of cleaning and de-cluttering the entire room told HERE.  
I'm a persistent "pinner" and I've been pinning home office decor inspiration for awhile. You can find inspiration anywhere but the best tool for me was to refer HERE to previous pins. It helped to see different options for how I could arrange my nook. I literally had my laptop open as I was decorating. 
This was the fun part cause the hard part was done. I had totally cleaned my space so being able to take a step back and arrange the decorative wall stickers was very relaxing. I had my jazz. I had my tea. I had my candle. After applying each sticker, I stepped back before moving on. The great thing is that if you feel the need to rearrange, you can take them off easily. There is no residue left behind. They don't mess up your walls and they don't loose the "stickiness" so even if you have to re-arrange, they still adhere. There was a guide provided for how to arrange but I loosely followed it and I even cut some of the stickers to my preference. I pretty much did my own thang. I just knew I didn't want all black. I purposely added pops of pink amongst the black. I just really wanted a pretty backdrop. But the stickers adhered well. The only note is that once you determine where you want to apply on the wall, be sure to smooth them out so there are no air bubbles. 
The suitcase is an old Dooney and Bourke trunk style case from like 2005. I was working with a college lifestyle magazine and they sent this to me as per a new line they were introducing at the time and I fell in immediate love. It's very heavy and not the most practical but the colors and heart print makes it adorable and it is just a great piece and an even greater accessory. It fit perfectly in the corner of my nook. It turned out to be a great resting place for some of my fave things, my retrocity specs, my journal, my ABD mug and my burner with Eucalyptus Mint from Bath and Body Works.
The finishing touches included hanging pics of my kids, adding a wipe-off calendar and going over the floor one last time with the vacuum.  
This is the part where you pat yourself on the back for what was a full, long and hard days work. But well worth the sense of relief from just doing the dang thing. Sometimes you just gotta get er' done. The challenge moving forward is to now keep it this way.
There are still some personal elements I'd like to add and some changes I would like to make. I was totally inspired by ideas found on my Humble Abode Pinterest board. You can follow me HERE. I am inspired to do something different with lighting. I could personalize my floral chair by adding a pillow and a throw. And mind you, whatever you do doesn't have to be permanent. The great thing about the wall appliqu├ęs is that not only are they easy to apply but easy to take off should I want to go in a totally different direction or different theme. I found the best approach was to not take the task too seriously. I wanted the effort to be cost effective and little did I know, everything I needed I already had. The arrangement didn't have to be "perfect." I merely used pins as inspiration but my ultimate goal was a comfy nook reflective of me. It's looking good ...So far.
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