Monday, January 12, 2015


And so it began bright and early Sunday morning. As I was tidying up the house on Saturday afternoon actually, I caught yet another glimpse (one of many), of my home office which is was so cluttered with stuff, I could barely step foot inside without tripping over shoes, shoes and more shoes! It's a fetish, I know. I've never been in denial about my love for shoes. You can follow my fetish on Pinterest by clicking HERE. I'll say it now, I LOVE ADORE SHOES!!
For the past few months my lovely home office, a space on the 2nd floor of my home of which I totally fell in love with upon moving in, fastly became
less an office and more of a closet, slash storage room slash, dressing room. It was space when I didn't have space elsewhere. It was the best place to throw an outfit when I had to make a quick change, hide clean laundry, drop packages and more. I could barely see the surface of my desk for all the unopened mail and magazines and I still had a fully not yet unpacked suitcase on the floor from my last jaunt. Well two actually cause I hadn't even unpacked the suitcase from Christmas of which my kids and I spent at my Mom and Dads. So upon saying my prayers Saturday night before turning in, I literally asked the Lord to bless me with the motivation to tackle my office space because I could not go another day in 2015 with it looking like it does did. I posted a pic to my Instagram cause you know it ain't official until you post to Instagram for all to see, and I took one corner at a time. The most time consuming tasks, hanging up clothes which had just been thrown over my office chair and any other available space, boxing up shoes, going through stacks of unopened mail and finding some kind of order for business cards and swag aka, free goodies from networking and attending events. Although I still have some tweaking to do, this was a start.
Clothes and unopened mail strewn about.
I had at least cleared a walkway at this point.
Just drab. My office needed to get it's life so I could get mine.
Stare at the bare ...Wall.
Did I mention the shoes?
And this isn't even all of them, not by a long shot. This phase was a bit overwhelming. Wherever will they go?
I can see the finish line and the actual surface of my desk again.
Oh hey! There you are surface of my desk! And I can even see through you to the floor!
Ok, push this here. Slide that under there. Got it! I always wanted a lil' corner nook 
Now let's add some color to this space and get yo life!
Ok, I'm feeling this ...
Got my one of my closets in order. Perhaps I will coordinate by color ...Someday.
Wait, when I started it was morning! The sun is setting already???
Pretty much sums it up. And on that note ...

So what do you think so far? And I say so far because there is still some tweaking that needs to be done. As I said this is a start at least and per the engagement on my Instagram, I learned quickly that I am by far not the only one who needed to tackle their home office space. It actually felt soooo good to literally be able to sit at my desk in my office and draft this post. I had my freshly stepped tea and burning eucalyptus mint oil wafting through my space as I listened to slow jams. I honestly didn't think I'd be able to do this in just one day. Most I know, take weeks. I was determined and my children being with their Dad was a tremendous help. I intend to do a couple follow-up posts outlining quick and easy tips to organize and stay that way plus the tweaks I'd like to make and more so please feel free to comment and/or ask questions.

Do you have a home office space? Hows it looking for the new year? 

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