Friday, January 16, 2015


All week I've been chronicling my efforts to get my home office back in shape. It started HERE with the clean-up and then HERE with the design. "Started from the bottom now we here" is literally echoing in my mind. Some of you may not get that but anyway, I couldn't not share that which I happened upon as I was cleaning and de-cluttering. Some discoveries brought back memories and others
made me laugh out loud, literally. As I mentioned in earlier posts in this series, not only did my office floor become a stow-away for shoes but the room itself became a drop-off for everything, some things I hadn't seen in awhile like:
The discovery of these items made me laugh, smile and shed a tear even. Everything from a note from my daughter while in attendance at the last Blogalicious conference and the funniest question from her was whether I was making new friends. Also, a sticker from my first Electric run that I did with my best girls last year. A signed Kennedy Center playbill from my fave jazz artist, Kurt Elling!!! That was a moment. Man if I lose this stuff, I will definitely shed tears. I gotta create a memory box. 
And there's more! I just didn't feel like taking anymore pics. I have tons and tons of beauty products. Between attending events where they drown you in free product and working with various pr firms and companies and being sent product. And then of course I have my own shopaholic tendencies, I have tons of products most of which has never been opened or used. I have lipsticks, moisturizer, hair products and so much more, even cosmetic bags. I may just have to start vlogging in order to put this product to use. 
If I never see another business card in my life, I think I would be ok with that. But alas, between the event covering, conference attending, networking and more that myself and most Bloggers do on a regular, it's inevitable that you end up with tons of business cards. These are actually makeup bags stuffed to the brim with cards. I have nowhere else to put them for the time being. It brought back memories when I happened upon one of my old business cards. I've come a long way baby!
So I apparently stash feminine hygiene products everywhere because I found these stashed everywhere LOL!!! In purses. In unpacked suitcases. In makeup bags. All ova my desk LOL!!! But I'd rather have them than not have them when needed so ...
If I don't focus anywhere else, I sure do focus at church. I found an entire stash of notes from 2014 services and 2013 too! And detailed notes. And how can you trash church notes? I mean, is that not a sin? I found a safe place for them because I do like to go back periodically and review when in search for a good word.
Uh, what are you doing here? A brand new pair of men's shoes. I think Payless sent me these kicks way back when as per a new line they were introducing. They are actually nice kicks. Too bad I have no one to give them to. #TalesOfSingledom 
"Hello Lova!" Be still my heart. I hadn't seen these in forever. These Coach pumps were like my first high end shoe purchase. I adore these pumps but I haven't worn them in I don't remember when. The heel on one is kinda messed up and they are in need of a lil' cleaning but I shall never part with them. I think I bought these pre-kids when I used to get my party on so there are alot of stories attached to these HA! Me and you shall never part .. 
I love em' so much I had to treat you to a second pic. 
Oh, this was a winner. So if you follow me, you no doubt know I love to shop. Lemme say that again, I LOVE to shop. Anyway, this Marc Jacobs jumper was one of my first purchases from Net-A-Porter, which is an online site of which you can shop designer fashion less the designer prices. There are many like sites but this one is a fave. And so upon discovering it, my curiosity was sparked. Mind you I purchased this eons ego and it's a size xs. I'm so not an extra small anymore but even then it was a lil' big. So imagine my delight upon stripping down in my office to try on this jumper, to find that it FIT!!!!!! These thighs and hips fit into an extra small! And not only did it fit, I was able to zip it up too. Oh, the possibilities!!!
But even if it hadn't fit, I wouldn't have given it up or thrown it away. I just would've put it on display somewhere cause I like to be surrounded by pretty thangs, and I would've just reflected on what might've been or rather what used to be. 
Shoes, glorious shoes!!!! Now, this was one heck of a discovery because I shop so much I don't even remember purchasing these. I considered that perhaps they were sent to me because doing what I do, I sometimes get tons of product and I don't always recall. But I ain't mad at the discovery by any means. I have boots and more boots but primarily black and other colors so I actually need another brown boot and with the weather being what it is, this was an on-time find.
I may just have to clutter up another space just for the sake of discovering new thangs. What has been one of your most prized discoveries when cleaning or de-cluttering spaces in your home?

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