Monday, November 10, 2014


I suffered a MAC (Book) attack, had a couple mishaps but work continues. Although I stood down for the last couple of weeks on posting anything, the Blogging continues. So ...If you are like me, you hardly ever do your nails yourself. Well, at one time that applied but my beloved Nail Stylist, Mikal Weathers decided to go off and have a bundle of blessings with the Hubby and then went on maternity leave. The nerve of her. So I'm left to my own devices. And I've found, the same as I am hesitant about letting just anyone tame my mane aka, my hair, the same applies to my nails. Now pedi's, I'm not as discriminating but my hands are a different story. 
I've done my own nails now a couple of times for the first time in like ...FOREVA! The primary reasons why I don't is one, Mikal is just so dang good at what she does, I've posted about her work before here and the pic above is her work. But two, who has time for dat, doing their own nails?! I find if I have tools to make it quick and easy like a dry fast top coat and this right here, elf Nail Polish Remover Pads, I'm more likely to take on the challenge of doing my own nails. I was a bit skeptical about this product at first upon scooping them from my local Target, the infamous shopping destination that always reels me in resulting in my leaving with twice as many items as I intended to buy. I love the small packaging and the citrus scent caught my attention as well. And I figured 2 bucks for 24 pads, not a bad deal. So after walking around last week with busted and disgusted nails for too many days (I hope you didn't see me), I had an opportunity to give these pads a go. 


I particularly loved that I didn't have to use all 24 pads. But for the cost, they were pretty effective and considering that this nail job was two coats, I was impressed. The citrus scent it nice and less that standard toxic polish remover smell. And like how some polishes leave a very dry finish, these pads actually leave your nails very hydrated if that makes sense so you don't get that dry, ashy nail bed finish. But I found these to be great to toss in your bag so if in a pinch you need to take polish off because of a chip. And the pads are great as a corrector. You know how sometimes you just need to swipe alongside your cuticle to get that lil' bit of polish that ran over, these are great for that too.
2 bucks, toss em' and go. One swipe and right off!


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