Saturday, March 9, 2013

#BeautyTalk ...Hide Em In Shame And Still Be FAB!

If anything like me, upon an abrupt and unexpected change in weather pattern resulting in soaring temps, you look down only to cringe at the sight of unkempt toes. Just yesterday it was 37 degrees!!! The last few visits to my nail stylist, didn't require a "pedi" (short for pedicure), so I shirked all accountability, diminished all sense of urgency and just addressed getting my #NailSwagBL on for my fingertips. The toes can wait I said to myself and I'm saving money. I won't be showing em off anytime soon anyway. And here comes a 60+ degree day and all I wanna do is twinkle my toes. All I wanna do is break out a pair of open toe shoes that have been sitting in a box for the last 6 months wondering when Mommy will rock em, wondering when they will hit the street, wondering when they will be paired with a fab (short for fabulous), ensemble. Well, it ain't gonna be today because Mommy is hiding those toes in shame.

Alas, there is a solution! Styles that allow you to feel as though your feet are partially out but without having to subject yourself (or anyone else), to those unsightly dogs. And might I add my toes just aren't polished, they look fine otherwise :-).
The Jeannell Black Metallic Lace Up Pump was scored from a recent #RetailTherapy binge on FYI, it comes in 3 color options. As you can see although the style is closed toe, the shoe itself is not entirely closed so I can still feel the spring air on my feet without exposing those toes.  The turquoise and purple style is totally one that's been sitting on the shelf for I don't even know how long, never worn and dying to get out I'm sure. I scored these from, eons ago.
P.S. - Yes, I've scheduled a pedi appointment. All will be well in two days ...And counting. Click the link:, to follow me on IG for pics of the "after." The "before" shall remain hidden in shame.
UPDATE: Yesterday's view. The Jeannell Black Metallic Lace-Up Pump put to practical use, paired with American Eagle grey cargo jegging. And although unseen, an Old Navy ribbed white tank and black leather Xhilaration cropped blazer from Target. Yesterday was so amazing! Spring is in the air and I couldn't even fathom the thought of being indoors so I stayed outside and played as long as I could, shopping included.

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