Friday, March 15, 2013


So this week's Bag Ladies Reality Radio was a true tell-all in every sense of the word. Shopping Confessions, Take 1!!! And seeing as how myself and my co-hosts, @BabyShopa and the @StyleNBeautyDoc, couldn't have possibly cleansed ourselves of all confessions in just one hour, there will surely be a take 2. 

But the highlight was welcoming back Fashion Expert, NBC's Today Show Style Editor and now Author, Bobbie Thomas. Not only did we dish about #Shopaholic tendencies and habits but Bobbie also dropped the scoop on her soon to be released book, The Power of Style. This is Bobbie's 3rd visit to Bag Ladies Reality Radio and whenever Bobbie joins us on the show, you totally want to kick back and as Bobbie revealed on the show, slip on your pj's, grab a glass of wine and a cupcake. Bobbie's version of a "girls night out." She had me at hello!!

What I learned from this week's show:
1. Retail therapy does not only exist in my mind. It's real!
2. When shopping, you don't always have to purchase to be satisfied. Go just for the "eye candy." Be inspired, come home and create looks and spare your pocketbook.
3. "When you shop, purchase items that speak to you." Not literally of course because that suggests other issues :-/
4. "Women are expressive and we have a true connection to our belongings (what we buy)."
5. "Life is short, so shop!!"

I can't express how anxious I am to dive into Bobbie's new book. Although set to release April 23rd, it is available now on our site for preorder. Go to

We even dished about forming a book club so that we may dish even more about all things style and fashion. We will surely keep you posted on the deets. BTW, what shopping confessions might you want to reveal???? Spill it! Catch up on that which you missed this week, OnDemand. Go to

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