Thursday, March 21, 2013


And just when I think I can't be any more vulnerable, candid or transparent when taking dish to the airwaves of Bag Ladies Reality Radio, I surprise myself. 

Last nite's "dish" marked the return of #TalesOfSingledom. A recurring segment based on my life as a single woman. I realized upon introducing #TalesOfSingledom that there are many women who share dating woes and who also seek dating and/or relationship advice. Thus last nite's show tagged as "What's Your "Single" Status?" We sought and welcomed back, Author and Certified Dating and Relationship Coach, Shay "Your Date Diva" Williams of and boy did she brang it! We shared. We testified. We laughed and maybe even cried a bit. I recall passing an e-tissue or two. We approached last nite's show fully prepared to lay it on the line and even as I was fully exposing myself, I felt a total sense of support from not only my listeners but my cast which included my cohost, Trina Smalls of, my bud Toni of and Bag Ladies Contributor, Ro of

Shay told us about ourselves. Below are some of my fave quotes of the night"

"There is nothing more valuable than love and we should commit to receiving it because we are made to have it."  

"Seeking a relationship/dating coach translates to you being smart enough to seek expert advice." 

"Nature hates voids. You must be ready to fill a void or you will attract another mess." 

The realization that dating has an expiration date just like alot of things was like an "ah-hah" moment. And dishing with Shay served as a reminder that in all aspects of life I should, set my intentions clearly. Define what I want and not settle. We wrapped last nite's show with a heck of a testimony delivered by Trina which was a testament to that although alot of us (myself included), struggle with the challenges of being "out there" on the dating scene as Trina once was, as fast as we are ready to call it quits, your "divine destiny" aka "Mr.", can sweep in and sweep you right off your feet before you even realize it's happening. There is hope.

Did you tune in? What were your fave quotes/moments from last nite's dish?

Connect to Shay Williams and learn more about her latest book, The Value of Your Vagina at And contact her directly at regarding relationship/dating coaching. It's a smart move!

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