Thursday, March 7, 2013

#PassionForFashion - I Did It! I Dressed For Less!!!

Rarely do I hang my head in shame because I am an admitted #Shopaholic. I embrace it. It is what it is. I am a true believer of the benefits of #RetailTherapy if for no other reason, than it works for me. I don't squawk, fret or cry over price points. Mind you, I ain't popping tags. I moreso "ball on a budget." I buy what I like and that's the bottom line. I do exercise restraint but ultimately if I see something I like and that I must have, I don't immediately have thoughts of how or where I might be able to get it for less. I don't run from store to store trying to find a like piece at a lesser cost. Not that there's anything wrong with that ...I just don't have the patience nor the time. I love the satisfaction in being able to get what I want. And don't let it be a shoe!! I have a #ShoeFetish that is on a whole notha level. I'm soliciting sponsors for this habit but that requires a separate #TalesOfSingledom post.

Anyway ...If I see it, if I like it, if it fits, if the cost is within my "supposed" budget, I'm heading to the register with the "quickness" absolved of any feelings of guilt. Why? Because like I said, I am an "admitted" #Shopaholic ...There is a difference ;-) ...Even if only in my mind.

But I had a moment of enlightenment recently and was surprisingly forced to reconsider efforts to shop for less. A recent shopping adventure at JcPenney or per the modern reference, jcp, changed my perspective. I was one of the ones who did lose a bit of sleep over last month's debut of #PrabalForTarget "LOVE" collection. After identifying pieces that I wanted, I became a bit concerned, pissed I mean after seeing the limited in-store selection and whether I would be able to get what I wanted. Click here for the previously published post on my "score." There was a peplum top that I was unable to find in store and sold out online however upon my recent jcp visit, I found a fabulous like top at an even more fabulous price! And that's not all. I turned around after grabbing the top only to spot a like pair of patterned ankle style pants very similar to a JCrew style I was swooning over just the night before.

You be the judge. What say you? Huh? Did I do good? Both are close enough in match and style for me whereas I feel like I'm still getting what I want and I can't express the feeling of doing so at such a significantly less cost. I just may have to keep this up! My bank account will surely be doing the "Harlem Shake."
My jcp "score" on the left. Worthington Ankle Pant for $25 vs. JCrew Collection Liberty Cafe Capri' for $250. My "score" may be slightly less tapered at the ankle but if I wanna be particular, my tailor can resolve that for a nominal cost. 
My jcp "score" on the left. Worthington Peplum Shirt for $16 vs.  Prabal Gurung for Peplum Top at $29.99. The pic doesn't do my "score" justice. It just looks like spring. The colors are so bright. There is slightly less definition but the style is the same. It is really too cute and fits like a true peplum style of which I can't get enough. The style is just so flattering. I want everything peplum.
Worthington Ruched Sleeve Blazer, $35
And what's this? I was so proud of myself for having saved some $$$, what better way to treat myself than to reward myself ...With another purchase of course. I have totally fallen in love with all things floral this season. I can't get enough of floral prints. I just may have to do an #OOTD post when I rock this piece. Oh, the possibilities. Yay me!!!

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