Wednesday, July 29, 2009


TJ of Evil Kitty Kreations
During our sex chatter yesterday, Bag Ladies was joined by our Fashion Maven, TJ of Evil Kitty Kreations to talk about some hot lingerie styles to add to that which Dr. Hilda told us about setting the mood and and not only creating a space that fosters intimacy but also creating a bedroom look which means putting on some sexy panties and a hot bra or negligee and not to be forgotten, those stilettos.

But here are some pics from the designer collections we conversated about including Janet Jackson's Pleasure Principle Lingerie Collection, Emporio Armani's new lingerie collection, Phillip Lim's lingerie line and "The Wonderbra by Dita Von Teese" collection. And as TJ told us, it's all about lace ...alot of black, nude, soft colors but also alot of feminine details so bows and ties. So not that corseted stuff that takes 10 hours to get into and so long to get out of, the mood is killed. Just easy, cute, frilly and gorgeous. So get your stilettos and be ready to switch that booty and sway those hips into the bedroom. And if you need some ideas, perhaps you might wanna check out Karrine Steffans, The Vixen Manual. Also another topic of convo on yesterday's show. And as we discussed, if you find the book itself as poorly written as we did, just entertain yourself with the graphic pics! Happy reading or happy flipping. Lingerie styles follow ...

Can't wait to see more designs from Janet Jackson's Pleasure Principle Lingerie collection which is set to be released in November.

Says Janet, “The collection has been carefully created with some of the finest laces from around the world. You will see a lot of satin and lace combined and rich colors such as burgundy and beige, silver and peach as well as your classic black and white." ”It makes you feel incredible and offers variety as diverse as the women who will wear it.”

The collection offers fourteen designs, ranging in bust sizes from 32A to 44G!!! Something for everybody.

Victoria Beckham (Posh), following in the footsteps of her to die for gorgeous ass husband, David Beckham and starring in ads for Emporio Armani's lingerie collection.

Lady Erin loves Phillip Lim and can say nothing but great things about his lingerie line. This piece totally reflects the look and range of the collection which consists of pieces that as one blogger put it,begs to be worn outside the bedroom. This piece can be sexed up for the bedroom or toned down with some flats and a denim jacket and be equally as sexy.

You may just know Dita Von Teese for the burlesque thing but she's fastly becoming known for her "Wonderbra by Dita Von Teese" collection. As you can see, more than just panties and bras but garters too. Oooh! The collection offers a wide range of sizes since Von Teese herself is very curvaceous. Her pieces enhance the cleavage and some of the panties have quick release magnetic clasps. All the better to undress you my dear!!

Another collection that caught Bag Ladies eye ...

Elle Macpherson's Intimates Fall 2009 collection offers color galore like popcorn yellow and prints too! And the difference with this collection is that Elle is offering pieces for full cups D-G. But we just love this coral and black slip that looks more like a dress than an intimate piece.

And look for Molly Sims to get in on the act come Spring 2010.

And if you weren't able to join in our sex chatter with Dr. Hilda, know that she welcomes questions. All you need do is click here and check out her website and she will answer whatever question you might have on the topic of S-E-X. Not only is Dr. Hilda a nationally published author of three books but she also has monthly sex columns in both Glamour and Essence mags. So this is one doc that when it comes to the topic of S-E-X, knows her sh*t. And click here to check out Bag Ladies OnDemand for that which you might've missed. And have your pen and pad at the ready!