Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's Poppin with the Paparazzi!

If you aren't up to speed on what's dominating the celeb front, here are some of the celeb tidbits Bag Ladies discussed during yesterday's What's Poppin With The Paparazzi segment. Everything from Terrell Owen's body and Ciara's new do to NeYo going out like a biatch!

Rihanna is rocking the new punk tuft with shaved sides and back which seems to be the latest trend with everyone from Cassie to LaLa getting down with the shaved look. And I guess moi too :-) ...Whatcha think? Rihanna has such a distinct style and her stylist Mariel Haeen, does such a great job defining her look, it's hard to say Rihanna ever looks bad. Not one of my fave looks but it's summer, we all like to keep it easy.

Chris Brown's (insincere) video apology to fans and Rihanna. The lack of emotion and total look of reading from a teleprompter or a script, makes you question the point and what he is hoping to accomplish. But I do pray he can get back on track.

Yet another video ...NeYo crying like a biatch (you were right Madame Myra), while in Manchester UK as the crowd boos. As we discussed on last night's show, there absolutely has to be some emotional distress going on for other reasons cause nobody balls like that b/c of a sinus infection. I've had more sinus infections then I can count but I ain't never gone out like NeYo! I expect more details to be revealed. It's almost like one would certainly hope there's more going on if cause if he did in fact cry and I mean cry, like that over a sinus infection, that's just ridiculous!

Ciara's new pixie cut. Word has it she's trying whatever she can to boost the mild record sales of her new album. Can't hurt so I guess she get's an A for effort. What do you think of the new do?

Morgan Freeman and his step grand-daughter (pictured here), who he has reportedly been having a relationship with for years now. If you check out last nite's Bag Ladies episode OnDemand, you will no doubt hear my astonishment. You were right Madame Myra. I found it all over including on, so it must be true. But according to reports, his wife said they have always had an open relationship and plans are, once they divorce, Morgan will marry his step grand-daughter being as though there is no blood relation. Eeeew!

If you don't know, after looking at these pics you surely will know. It's all about that body on TO. Damn! Check out his new reality series on VH1. It's tolerable and if the body ain't enough reason, I don't know what more I could say to sell ya!

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Until we get our gossip on again ...
-- Lady Erin