Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bag Ladies Reality Radio ...RECAP

Bag Ladies had a ball last evening chatting it up about some of the latest headlines to include women being bullied in the workplace and why it's on the rise as well as what can result from a woman being scorned. Dookie joined in and graced us with her antics. What's Poppin had us gossiping about the latest celeb juice including the potential demise of Baby Phat, Nia Long's comments about rappers and singers tryna be actors and Amber Rose signing w/ FORD. There's more but you gotta check our our featured episode, A Woman Scorned OnDemand at Bag Ladies Reality Radio.

Bag Ladies discussed having paid a visit this week to one of the more swankier salons in the WDC area, Corte and the lovely time had checking out the lavish interior and chatting with the owner of Corte Salon about his vision and clientele, while mixing and mingling with DC socialites. The owner graciously offered you, our listeners a discount on services but you gotta check out last nite's episode OnDemand in order to take advantage.

Stephanie M. from The Pampering Junkies chatted with us about the upcoming Pynk Feathers and Wellness Treasures Expo on August 29th and the fact that this Sunday The Pampering Junkies are partnering w/ District 51 to join the Breakfast Club at Indulj to offer FREE massages, make-up sessions and more. Did you get that? We said FREE. Click here for more details.

Following are three of Madame Myra's Top 10 Ways NOT To Break Up With A Woman unless the man wants to find himself in the same position as Arturo Gatti and Steven McNair:

No.10 - Under the influence
A little Dutch courage might make taking the plunge a touch easier, but a sloppy split becomes all the more sloppy if you’ve had one or two or a few too many. Being high is also, quite obviously, ill advised. It is near guaranteed that breaking up will not go well if you’re giggling uncontrollably, paranoid, jonesing for
barbecue chips, or experiencing the symptoms of having used altering chemicals. This goes for her as well; if you know she’s not all there, it’s one of the worst ways to break up with a woman. You want to make sure that you are both of sound mind when you’re breaking the bad news.

No.8 - Remotely
Yes, this is the 21st century, but breaking up is pretty much stuck in the past. Don’t even think about ending it online. Dear John letters have always been disastrous, so the modern equivalent via e-mail is completely unacceptable and flagged as one of the worst ways to break up with a woman. Yes, advances in online chatting and instant messaging now allow you to see and hear, but it still ain't live. Phone call breakups have never been easy, so be a man: Do it in person. And if all this doesn’t tell you that
text messaging is an absolute no-no, you’re probably too far gone to be helped anyway.

No.3 - Publicly
Though from the outset, it may seem like a good idea to break the news in a public place, it’s like a no-man’s land, and that’s just the problem. With
public breakups there’s no telling what might happen. In this situation, the event is simply not contained. If she gets upset, then you're responsible for making her cry in public. If she’s angry, you look bad as well. Public humiliation is never desirable (for you or her), so close the door to this possibility and stick to locations that offer you and your soon-to-be ex a level of privacy.

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