Monday, August 3, 2009

Bag Ladies Look of the Week

Although Bag Ladies ain't never been a fan of 3LW, we like the way Kiely Williams is rocking this romper. The pattern of this boho look doesn't require much as far as accessories. Kiely keeps it simple but chic which was perfect for the casual tone of the Grand Opening of Upstairs Boutique in West Hollywood, CA last week. Folks rocked some great looks last week including one of our faves, Amber Rose so to decide on one look was hard and we almost went with two but in keeping with how we do it, we forced ourselves to just select one and our love of rompers and jumpsuits may have influenced our decision a bit but what can you do.

So this is Bag Ladies Look of the Week. If you wanna know how to achieve it and for as little cost as possible, tune into Bag Ladies Reality Radio tomorrow at 7p EST and we'll tell you how.

-- Bag Ladies