Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Weight lifting, strengthening, intense, muscle ...All of these words can easily be used when describing 202Strong, a DC based CrossFit facility. But what about body confidence, personal, way of life, possibility ...These descriptions are equally as applicable. 

As I Blogged HERE, I recently expanded my fitness repertoire to not just "run" which I resumed and have since been doing three to four times a week since May of this year, I Blogged about how my mini-me inspired me HERE. But as we fastly approach fall, I've realized that as temps drop, I'm less motivated and also I have a desire to tone, build and strengthen. I've lost a few inches and pounds, my body composition has improved and I've established consistency as far running but now I want to be stronger. I want to run faster. I want definition in certain areas all of which can be achieved. But I also know that I require instruction cause I have no idea what I'm doing.
202Strong offers instruction in a luxurious facility that is far from your typical minimalistic, concrete floors, cold and uninviting CrossFit facility. Instead, it's inviting and modern with a great sound system, a bar and even a massage room. 
Caught in the sweaty moment in Saturday's #GirlStrong
But what I most enjoy is that even when participating in #GirlStrong which is a current offering specifically tailored to women to lend encouragement amongst a group,  it's small in size so it's intimate and I still get the one-on-one attention I require to ensure proper technique and also push myself beyond what I think I can do while the instructors still respect my limits. 
"Sweaty balls"
The bars minus the weights are a workout just by themselves. Gotta find some cute gloves cause the grip is mean.
Smile now, sweat later!
I actually enjoy lifting weights and the challenge of mastering technique. You might too.
"Row, row, row your rowing machine." 1st time on one and great cardio.
#GirlStrong infuses strengthening, cardio, weight lifting and yoga in a 45 minute consistently intense workout. What I love is that the playlist (music stays pumping), helps you to be oblivious to how hard you're working, you can look over at your neighbor and see she's pushing just as much which helps me stay motivated and just when I think I can't go any further, it's done!

And I'm still smiling post-workout. You can too!
Join 202Strong for this Saturday's #GirlStrong. It's a neon theme so dress brightly and loud and it's FREEEEEE!!!!! I was already dressed the part in neon last Saturday so if you see me in the same fit on this Saturday, just go with it. Hope to see you there!! 
Click HERE to RSVP for the 11a FREE session or HERE to RSVP for the FREE noon class, space is limited. And follow 202Strong on Twitter and Instagram.


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