Monday, September 8, 2014


Upon stepping one foot out the door this past Saturday in Washington, DC you knew it was HOT. The weatherman said officially it was 95 but it felt like 102. I had to put #heelstothewheels and I couldn't get the door of my 2014 Kia Optima Hybrid EX unlocked quickly enough so
that I could crank the auto air conditioner (AC). The Optima Hybrid EX is equipped with an air-ventilated drivers seat that keeps you cool basically as temperatures rise. Imagine a scorcher of a day and you plop down into the drivers seat, supple white leather mind you and you want immediate relief. One press of a button and that's what you get, a cool backside. To understand is to experience for yourself. Now, let's crank the AC. The response of the AC doesn't require waiting for a cool-down while sweating bullets inside the car. The Optima Hybrid EX has an electric compressor that has a great output and it reduces the loss of air in vehicles that you otherwise get with non-electric compressors. Translation, the cool air continues to flow even when the engine is off or in idle-mode.
Supple white leather seats
Once my whip was comfy, I could put #heelstothewheels and hit the monthly outdoor community event known as DC MEETMarket.
Managed by hubby and wife team (Parents too), Kelly Towles and Virginia Arrisueno, artists and business owners themselves, their mission is to engage the local Washington, DC community per this monthly event featuring 40+ vendors and in turn lend support to small businesses. But as I perused the DC MEETMarket, not only do you have businesses, you have artists, you have musicians, you have kids and most importantly activities to keep them occupied which as a Mom myself, that is cri-ti-cal. But you also have just a lot of community-minded people who are on board with the efforts. The feel of the market is very laid back and I was pleased to see the diversity not just amongst vendors but attendees. I not only posted up to take in a set by live band, School of Rock but also engaged with some of the onsite vendors. There is definitely seemingly a conscious effort to feature vendors who sell products that are both healthy and eco-friendly and me being the "shopaholic" that I am, I couldn't resist and I'm particularly curious about environmental impact since pushing a hybrid vehicle. If you don't already know, check previous posts here. Pick one, any one. The support of sponsors which included Zipcar, Relay Foods and Honest Tea, is key to maintaining this community event.
One of 40+ vendors
School House Rock LIVE
Saturday's DC MEETMarket Lineup

You didn't think I left empty-handed did you? It's an all natural scrub for your tub. I can't wait to give it a try.
One of my fave vendors, Pure Palette
Sponsor, Honest Tea kept me cool with samples of Honest Kids Organic Juice Drink. The Tango Punch was soooo refreshing. 
This soy candle gives you 15 hours of burn time. I'm a candle fiend. The scent is amazing ...
   DC MEETMarket has something for everyone, food, treats, home goods, art and more. And if you like to touch and feel and even taste before you buy, you're good. I did a lot of sampling, sniffing, tasting and sipping. The music lures you in and there is a lot of visual appeal. A lot of fun sights and of course live music always makes for good sounds.
Husband and Wife, Kelly Towles and Virginia Arrisueno
 The collective efforts of the partnership between hubby and wife Kelly Towles and Virginia Arrisueno are swoon-worthy. Oh and did I mention they are adorable and most pleasant. Don't miss out.

DC MEETMarket runs through November on the first Saturday of every month from 11a - 5p and is hosted by St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Logan Circle at the corner of 15th and P NW in Washington, DC. 

How do you support local and small businesses in your area?

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