Monday, June 30, 2014


This weekend was jam packed with activities which has kinda been the trend for the last couple of few months. The good thing is that I'm rarely bored. The bad, I'm always busy. But I also realized because of all the activity particularly this weekend, the timing is perfect to resume my #BagLadiesLIVE Weekend posts. This weekly theme provides a snapshot of what went down. Like to see and read about it? 
This past Saturday, I had the privilege of hosting yet again the 2nd edition Nappy Hour presented by Loc Lov Styles in Silver Spring, MD. And just like the 1st, a ball was had by all. My fave part, getting my face "beat" to the gawds by friend and MUA, Stephanie McKenzie. I will post a full recap this week. In the meantime, click here for the scoop on the 1st edition.

No sooner did I return the 2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4x4, then I received a curbside delivery of the Volvo V60 T5. The wagon is back! And although I'm only just putting #HeelsToTheWheels, I'm swooning all over this wagon that totally breaks the mold of a traditional wagon. A friend remarked upon pulling up, that I'm now a full blown soccer mom. But the reality is, I am! My 8 yr old son plays soccer and if a Volvo makes me a soccer mom, I'll take that and be the sexiest, wagon driving, soccer mom eva! How can I not in this sexy whip? Oh ...The life of an Auto Blogger. And did I tell you the color is "power blue?" The pic doesn't do it justice. Stay tuned for a full review.

I finally had a chance to check out good friend, Blogger, Bizness woman and so much more, Monica Byrd's twice-monthly, Fashionista Flea Market located in Bowie, MD. I had a great time perusing some fab vendors with great deals. The shopaholic in me wanted to shop till I dropped but my small window of time, wouldn't let me be great. Thank goodness it's a twice-monthly event. For details, visit

Swoon worthy white jumper, Hannah Monet
Cute tank, Boutique Pulse
So Friday was National HIV Testing Day. Do I hear crickets? Did you know? Of all the images I posted recently, this one generated the least number of likes and/or responses. I was unfortunately not surprised. Last year on the same day, I posted a pic of my negative results after having been tested and you could hear a pin drop. And I do it to draw attention. One of my very first events upon launching Bag Ladies, my online radio show, was an event to draw attention to the increase in infection rates amongst African American women yet statistics show that many of us don't get tested simply out of fear of the unknown. And for me the fear of not knowing is twice as scary. For me, it's annual. The same as I see my Gynecologist or get a mammogram. I dropped my kids at camp Friday morning, hit the clinic and I'm out. And the notion of you don't need to be tested or it doesn't apply to me is so not a gauge. If you are or have been sexually active, get tested! If you are in a relationship, committed or otherwise, get tested! The test is FREE and it only takes 15 minutes at most. Visit #KnowYourStatus

How was your weekend?
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