Friday, June 20, 2014


We barely wrapped the 1st edition Nappy Hour which went down last Saturday and here I am hosting the 2nd edition on June 28th presented again by Loc Lov Styles. No they didn't twist my arm. Last weekend was a blast! If you missed my recap of the first edition, click here. But unlike the last one, this 2nd edition targets Natural Hair Salon Owners, Stylists and Locticians. If this is you and particularly if you are interested in stellar product that caters to your clients hair care and maintenance needs, you don't want to miss this exclusive event.
On the Red Carpet Hair & Body Collection
RSVP today and participate in live styling demos, product Q&A's, learn about Loc Lov's educated and holistic approach to healthy hair and also the debut of the Loc Lov's hair and body collection. 
Live Styling Demo

You must RSVP to confirm attendance. Afterwhich, the exact location (DC based) will be disclosed. Additionally, your RSVP ensures you don't leave without your swag aka, free goodies in hand.  So come thru, eat, sip, mingle and have a good time. For more details on the 2nd edition Nappy Hour, click here and to RSVP, email
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