Sunday, December 8, 2013


I'll take that! I would be remiss if I didn't claim to be not just totally thrilled but completely humbled at having scored two features this week. The first of which is the Entrepreneur Spotlight in the December issue of the ever empowering, ever elevating, ever inspiring WE Magazine during which I dish here on how I came up with the concept that is and how I maintain authenticity. Additionally, an exclusive Curl Talk feature published here to the #1 Fashion Obsession, Yes, I as are alot of fashion junkies, totally obsessed with I dished with Adrienne Gadling of fame about being natural and the misconceptions that come with, second go around having locs and my product faves.

Thanks much to WE Magazine E-I-C, DeLisha Sylvester and Adrienne Gadling for just making me love her that much more. Oh, and she authored a great piece too (smirk). It's definitely nice to be acknowledged and validated by my peers. Just makes me grind that much harder. And s/o to Tiffany Josephs, one of the best Photogs I know. Remember my behind-the-scenes post here from our shoot? Without her accompanying image, these two features wouldn't be half as fab.

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Happy Holidays!!

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