Thursday, December 5, 2013


Today kicks off what will be an on-going #TBT series. I and Kmart are taking you on a stroll down memory lane. Wanna go?? I and some Blogger buds are pulling out the old albums, treasure chests and memory boxes and digging for old Holiday pictures. You know the ones in which you and me too were sporting trends (sometimes against our will; Mommy made me), that were not only hot then but also now. You know that every style/trend comes full circle ...

I hit my Mommy up during Thanksgiving and not only was I totally oohing and aahing over never before seen pics of her, my Dad and my Stepdad but also adorable pictures of my Brothers and I. For this edition of #TBT: #KmartThenNow, I chose to show myself in my first ever Holiday pic at barely 3 months old. And get this, the pic per my Mom was actually taken at Kmart back in the day. Upon hitting, I found a similar fit (what is that velvet?!), in a matching color scheme that would be adorable on either of my girls ages 7 and 9. I haven't yet decided which one of them will score.
Left: Me all decked out in Holiday wear. Note the red velvet bottoms / Right: Girl's Velvet Holiday Dress
Can you tell which pic is from then and which is current? I jest. Now the challenge! I and Kmart want you to share your then and now pics too. Find an old Holiday pic of yourself and either post a side by side look of your little one wearing a similar look (most applicable to Mommies) or find a similar look either in store at Kmart or on and share, share, share! Until I say stop! For a chance to win a Kmart gift card just in time for the Holidays. Who couldn't use a few extra dollars this season? So get to digging up those old flicks and get to sharing across all platforms. You can tag me on Twitter and Instagram @bagladies. But whatever you do and to score that giftcard, be sure to attach the hashtag #KmartThenNow.

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